Feminine Power

You have the power to create the life you desire when you fully own your Feminine Power!

Throughout month pillar, you will be exploring your relationship to your feminine power, claiming it and directing it toward creating the life you desire.

For so long, our feminine, sensual, creative power has been used for other’s gain. We are in a new time now, Sister. We are birthing a new paradigm where we get to choose. We get to claim our power and take our reign as the sovereign of our own domain.

It is time for you to recognize how truly magnificent and powerful you are. You can direct your power to birth and manifest whatever it is that you desire. You are the master of this life force energy. Become unshakable in your confidence and knowing who you are and why you are here as you take your reign.

Feminine Power Practices

 – meditative journey –


lesson 1

In this practice, I created a powerful guided transmission followed by a journaling exercise to “Meet Your Feminine Power.”

Tune into this transmission to awaken your sensual, creative life force; use the journal prompts below to help you identify your current relationship to your feminine power and how you can more fully claim it.

“Meet Your Feminine Power” Journaling Exercise

After listening to the guided audio transmission, use the prompts below to help you know and understand your relationship to your feminine power. Allow these prompts to guide and clarify where you might be giving your power away, where you want to be directing your precious life force energy and what shifts you need to make to truly own your feminine power. Remember… you get to choose in every moment where you give your time, energy, and resources. Your feminine power is yours to wield as you desire!

What is your current relationship to your body, pleasure, and power?

What is your personal relationship with your Feminine Power?

Where and in what ways are you giving your power away?

What stories and belief systems are you investing in that do not serve you?

How are you being called to rewrite, evolve, and expand with your Feminine Power?

After sitting with and journaling on the above prompts, take a moment to pause and reconnect with your Temple Body. Feel the feminine life force energy, Shakti, flowing through you and ground back into your empowered presence. Your Feminine Power is sourced from your pleasure…From the moments where you felt turned on by life, plugged in and radiant. Holding that awareness journal on the following…

When are you fully connected to your desire, pleasure, and power?

How do you desire to feel in a relationship to your Feminine Power?

What does it look like to fully claim and own your Feminine Power?

What do you desire to create with your Feminine Power?

– new moon ritual –


lesson 2

What have you discovered about your relationship with your Feminine Power?

In looking at your own life, your sexual experiences, and your relationship to your Feminine Power, there are likely places where you have both owned your power and given that power away. Perhaps you even discovered parts of you still living in the past or places in your life that have yet to be fully owned by your sexual creative power. When you work with the life force energy of Shakti in the present moment, you can claim all parts of yourself, direct your focus toward creating the life you desire, and RISE into your full radiance.

Tune into this live call to step up and claim the relationship you desire with your Feminine Power. Below you will find a special new moon ritual to support you as you Claim Your Magnetic Feminine Power.

Before you begin…

Tune into this call Sex, Power, and Shakti. I invite you to watch the replay before beginning the ritual below. Carve out some space and time with your Shakti awakened to magnetize your Feminine Power and declare the relationship you desire.

1. Awaken Your Shakti. After tuning into the LIVE call, find some space and time where you will not be disturbed. Feel into your body and all that was awakened as you witness how you have owned or given your power away. With the support of this life force energy, vision what it would be like to be in right relationship with your sexual creative power.

2. Visualize your Magnetic Feminine Power. As you hold that vision, walk yourself through your life and see yourself easily and effortlessly magnetizing the relationships you desire. Move through all types of relationships from romantic to business, and notice what choices you are making and what kinds of actions will support you in bringing right relationship to your Feminine Power as you navigate the world. Some examples might be not being afraid to take up space, asking for a raise, using your voice to speak your truth, creating boundaries, etc.

3. Write down the opportunities and experiences that might come into your life or how you feel in relationships where you own your Feminine Power. As you visualize and feel into new versions of the relationships in your life, take some time to write down what new possibilities or potential opportunities could arise if you were to claim your Feminine Power in these ways.

4. Choose three dream seed words to anchor into your Feminine Power. Based on what you saw and wrote down above, choose three dream seed words that you can use to begin building this new relationship to your Feminine Power. Write them down and place them somewhere to be reminded daily of how you wish to cultivate your relationship to your Feminine Power.

5. Close with gratitude and share your three words in the Facebook Group. Close this ritual, offering gratitude for the life force energy of Shakti flowing through you. When you have settled back into the here and now, drop into the Facebook Group and share your three dream seed words with the group.

– embodiment practice –


lesson 3

Are you ready to awaken your Shakti and feel your Feminine Power moving through your body?

Awaken your sexual creative power through this embodiment dance journey to “Activate Your Feminine Power!”

Your Feminine Power is what brings the intangible into form. It is the life force energy of all creation that flows through you day after day, directing you in the choices and actions you take. It is always present and guiding you through life. If there are places in your life or in your Temple Body where your Shakti is blocked from flowing freely without restriction, this practice will support you in moving through them.

It is important to remember that your relationship to your Feminine Power will feel different day-to-day, depending on where you are in relation to the lunar archetypes of your cycle or the moon herself. Shakti has many faces and moves in many different ways, and ALL of them are worthy and valid.

Tune into this embodiment dance journey to “Activate Your Feminine Power” and explore the ways your Shakti energy desires to move!


Before you begin, choose a space where you will feel safe to drop into your full sexual creative power, where you can move freely and expressively without being disturbed. Remember to meet yourself where you are at and release all expectations as you begin.

1. Bring your full focus and presence to this practice. Your Shakti can be directed toward what you want to embody and create when you bring your full presence to the moment. As you dance with your Shakti, imagine you have already created all you desire and feel into what it looks and feels like.

2. Explore all the many facets of your Feminine Power. Shakti can flow through us in many different ways. Be open during this embodiment journey to exploring the many ways Shakti desires to move through you. There are no right or wrong ways to move with this energy.

3. Tune into where you are in relationship to your Feminine Power through the lens of the lunar archetypes. Throughout the days and weeks, your relationship to your Feminine Power may shift according to the lunar cycles. If you are still bleeding, then you may want to explore your relationship to your Feminine Power in each of the distinct phases of your menstrual cycle. And whether or not you are bleeding, the lunar archetypes align with the current phase of the moon collectively.

4. Say YES to your Shakti! Lastly, saying YES to your Shakti and just acknowledging you are a part of all creation is a major step in awakening your Feminine Power. As a woman, you may have been told to be quiet, to be a “good girl,” or that you are too much. Collectively we have been constantly bombarded with messaging that has caused us to shut off from our Shakti and the fullness of our Feminine Power. But now is the time…

To say YES…
To your Shakti,
To your Feminine Power,
To your confidence and…

– vision board practice –


lesson 4


You are the embodiment of Divine Feminine Power!

There is nothing you have to do or become to embody and express your Divine Feminine Power. Throughout this pillar, I hope you have seen that your Feminine Power is always within you, ready to guide you toward creating that which you desire in your life.

Throughout this theme, you have met, claimed, awakened, and activated your Feminine Power. Now it is time to dream in to how you want to show up in the world fully EMBODIED and EXPRESSED in your Feminine Power. The world needs YOU fully expressed in your Feminine Power. No matter your role in life or where you are in your journey, your Divine Feminine Power carries all the wisdom you need to create lasting impact and change in the world within and around you.

In this practice, you will bring your Divine Feminine Power to life through the creation of an “I am Divine Feminine Power Embodied” vision board. Having a visual representation of how you desire to show up in your Feminine Power can support you in aligning your energetic frequency each day and help you manifest using the innate power and potential already within you.



 1. Reflect on your journey with your Feminine Power. Before you begin, look back at all the practices from this month and all you have discovered. Start to feel into how your Divine Feminine Power wants to be expressed and how your Shakti wants to come to life and weave in the world.

2. Visualize the energetic frequency of what you desire to step into and embody. As you feel into the expression of your Divine Feminine Power Embodied, visualize the energetic frequency you are choosing to step into. What does your Divine Feminine Power Embodied look like? You may want to capture images showing the way you would dress, what your environment would be, who you would be surrounded by, the kind of work you are doing in the world, etc. Really allow yourself to again flow through all facets of your Shakti to be guided in visualizing how your Divine Feminine Power wants to come into form.

3. Create your vision board on Pinterest or by hand. Decide how you want to create your “I am Divine Feminine Power Embodied” vision board. You can use an app like Pinterest or other graphic software or create one by hand using things like magazine cutouts and photos. Choose whatever method excites you the most and let your imagination run wild! There is no right or wrong here, only what aligns and inspires you!

4. Remember, the way you choose to embody your Divine Feminine Power is entirely up to you. Trust in your own expression and the frequency of your desire. Come back to this vision board any time you find yourself in doubt or need a boost of confidence.

– full moon ritual for Feminine Power-


lesson 5

Every day is an opportunity to honor and celebrate yourself and your Feminine Power!

Under the light of the full moon savor the beauty and magnificence of your Feminine Power. It is a moment to recognize that you need nothing other than your full presence to claim your sovereign Feminine Power, that we are in our essence and existence already.

For this full moon ritual, I created something that you can also come back to as a daily ritual to support you in expressing and embodying your Feminine Power in your life. Ritual is an incredibly powerful tool to use daily to maintain alignment toward what we desire to create and experience.

Use the ritual below to illuminate and amplify your Feminine Power through the cleansing and adornment of your Temple Body.

This daily ritual is designed to cleanse your Temple Body and to adorn yourself in alignment with the energetic frequency of your Divine Feminine Power. Before you begin this ritual, connect with your vision board or the embodiment practice and all that you discovered about the relationship to your feminine power. Use all of this to guide you as you perform this ritual, remembering that each day the facets of our Feminine Power, our Shakti, change and shift. Ultimately you get to choose in each moment how you want to express your Feminine Power.

1. Cleanse your Temple Body. Start this ritual with a bath or shower to intentionally cleanse and clear your Temple Body. Bring your full presence to the way you wash your hair and your body, offering a loving touch to yourself. As you cleanse, focus on clearing anything that you feel is standing in the way of owning your full Feminine Power. Allow the healing waters to wash it all away.

2. Savor your Temple Body. After cleansing and clearing, choose your favorite oils or lotion and offer your Temple Body a gentle massage. Take time to appreciate every last curve and detail of your Temple Body. You can even speak loving words of affirmation to yourself as you do this. Let this be a time where you fully honor, love, and accept your Temple Body, the vessel of your Feminine Power.

3. Adorn your Temple Body. Using the vision of your Feminine Power as your guide, adorn your Temple Body in the ways that align you with the energetic frequency of your Feminine Power. Select clothing, jewelry, and other adornments that fully express your Feminine Power.

4. Dance your Temple Body. Select a song that connects you to your Feminine Power. Dance the expression of your Feminine Power, celebrating your beauty and strength. Tune in to all that you desire to create that day and focus on directing your Shakti life force energy toward pleasurable and easeful outcomes. Use this dance to align fully with your Feminine Power.

5. Repeat this ritual as needed or make it a part of your everyday life to consciously align with your Feminine Power.