Module One

Daily Practices

Be with Bamboo Spirit each day.

– Begin consciously making your life a ritual, from the moment you wake up to your daily activities.

– Complete the Bamboo Spirit Video.

– Set aside time in your schedule for the Daily Self Love Practice with Your Personal Mantra.Write your mantra on piece of paper and post where you will see it multiple times a day.

– Create New Habits. Set phone reminders that pop up to remind you of your ‘Morning Self-Love Practice.’  

– Connect with the root chakra and crown chakra. Repeat the mantras for each chakra. Explore these practices at your own pace.

– Notice what arises in your life, your relationships and your dreams.

– Answer the Reflection Questions in your journal and connect with the sisterhood. 

Video: Bamboo Spirit

In the Bamboo Spirit Video, you are guided through the practice of Sushumna breathing and meditation to create your own unique personal mantra.

Take some time afterward to free-write in your journal. Write about whatever you are feeling, thinking, and sensing in your body. This is just for you, so let your pen move spontaneously across the paper. You must use your own willpower to hold yourself accountable and do this practice every day.

Module One Call Recording – January 16

In our Module One call I guide you into a meditation to connect to your Bamboo Core and empty presence. I then share how Bamboo Spirit came to be and how it can support you in moving through adversity. Listen and witness some powerful shares from some of our sisters.