Module Six – Womb Truth & Blood Mysteries


Note: If you do menstruate but still struggle with the thought of connecting with your blood, know that you are not alone. In the Sacred Dreamer module, there are resources to work through feelings of shame or disconnection. Most importantly, be patient with yourself. Take baby steps!   

VIDEO: Womb Initiation Timeline Invitation

Watch this short Invitation Video before doing the Womb Meditation below.

Womb Initiations Meditation

<< Click here for the audio file >>

Carve out at least 30 minutes to listen to this 20 minute meditation and then create your womb timeline art.

What you need for your Womb Timeline Art:  

– 2 Huge pieces of paper – newsprint

– Pastels, paint brushes and paint

– Your blood or symbolic blood, earth, mud, clay, red paint

– Pens to write on your Timeline

* Ho’opono’pono Practice *

In the Womb Timeline Meditation, I mention the forgiveness and healing practice of Ho’opono’pono, a Hawaiian ritual offering of forgiveness and compassion. To do the practice repeat the following mantra:

I love you.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

Daily Practices

Be with your Womb Truth and Blood Mysteries each day this week.

– Carve out space to do this week’s Womb Initiation Meditation. After completing the meditation, carve out time to create your womb timeline and empowered art.

– Write everyday and track your dreams. Reflect on the questions from the workbook in your journal.

Every moment is an opportunity to reclaim your feminine power and choose to be sovereign.

Yoni Egg Awakening

If you feel called you can wear your yoni egg whilst doing the Womb Initiation Meditation and creating your Womb Timeline and painting.

Listen to your womb wisdom for the yoni egg she desires for this womb truth healing exercise. Perhaps rose quartz and her unconditional love if you have one, or amethyst to connect to the angelic realms of support, or obsidian to clear out old stories, or jade to balance and harmonize.

And perhaps you don’t feel called to wear a yoni egg at this time, and that is perfect  Remember there is no right or wrong, only YOUR truth.

Module Six: Part 2

VIDEO: My Womb Truth

You are invited to create your own Womb Truth after watching mine.

Daily Practices: Part 2

– Practice the Ho’opono’pono prayer daily in the mirror.

– Watch My Womb Truth video and share your Womb Truth with a sister or perhaps record a LIVE video in our FB group.

– If you have some of your blood stored, offer it to the Earth with a prayer as a guardian of Mama Gaia.

– Write everyday and track your dreams. Reflect on the questions from the workbook in your journal.


Womb Truth Reflection Questions  

Connecting to your intention and highest desire for Birthing Sexual Sovereignty, what are you here to birth and create in service to humanity and Mama Gaia?  

VIDEO: September 4 Sisterhood Call Recording

In this call of Birthing Sexual Sovereignty, we discuss Womb Truth & Blood Mysteries and meditate on initiations we’ve moved through, what we are still holding space for and what needs to be released to allow the birth of our truest desires.

VIDEO: September 11 Sisterhood Call Recording

In our second call of the Womb Truth & Blood Mysteries module of Birthing Sexual Sovereignty we journey together to connect and reveal our deep womb truth and any old agreements we may be abiding to unconsciously.