Zone of Genius with Erin Guinn

October 9 2020

September 11 2020

If you missed our Ambassador call on Friday, you can now tune in and watch the replay to be inspired and celebrate how far you have already come!

In this month’s Ambassador’s Call, Sofiah gives hot seat coaching addressing a wide range of topics such as…

Trusting your divine timing (38:00)
Discernment and boundaries with clients (45:40)
Attracting your divine clients (49:45)
Showing up with consistency (55:15)
Aligning your social media (59:50)
Moving through the fear of being seen (1:22:00)

I invite you to tune in to this call to receive guidance to help you integrate and expand on your path as an embodied feminine leader!

Reflect for a moment and ask yourself…
Who is my Signature Soul Essence asking me to become?
What do I need support with most to fully embody my medicine?

The most important thing to remember Sister,
is to trust in YOUR divine timing.
You are enough.
Your presence is enough.

Showing up in your fullness is all that is needed to create the life of your dreams and to serve with purpose and impact.

With love,


August 14 2020

In this month’s Ambassador’s Call, we dive in to:

– The Path To Purchase

– Sustainable Funnels + Email List Growth

– Creating offerings from an embodied place

– Building awareness and trust with your divine clients

– Magnetic Messaging


I invite you to tune into this call if you are seeking in depth guidance on how to grow your business in aligned and sustainable ways.

Our embodied experiences serve to guide us to the gems that allow us to meet our divine clients in the “sweet spot” of what we are here to serve and what they need.

 Reflect for a moment and ask yourself..

How can I create a path to purchase that is refined, sustainable and enticing?

 Click below to watch the replay.

You can also find the new Path to Purchase workbook in our Member Portal!

July 10 2020

In this month’s Ambassador’s Call, we dive in to:

Sacred Technology Tips for Video + Audio
Making easeful sales 
taking a stand for what YOU believe
Trusting in what you have come here to serve!

We tune into the Graceful Warrior in this call and discuss the importance of creating structures so we can relax into our fullness. We discuss the value of our practices, rituals, and adornments to help us stay aligned with this archetype and our authentic self.

The more you can show up in your authentic self, the more others are going to lean in – it’s all about connection!

How can you show up and be authentic and create authentic connections?

The most important thing, Sister, is to trust yourself on this journey. Wherever you are, it’s perfect.

Start wherever you are. Believe in your gifts. And just begin.

June 12 2020

In this Ambassador’s Call, we tune to the connection to your “Sacred Why” through the lens of the Sacred Dreamer, celebrating each other and every win with joy, purpose and gratitude, as we ripple out to navigate through harder rocky times.

Sofiah and sisters speak on Black Lives Matter movement and how we can show up and serve as feminine leaders and activists, who have a voice people are turning to. Educating ourselves, taking a stand, connecting and weaving all voices together globally.

Tune into the energy of Mastering SALES through Sacred Dreamer and connect to your “Sacred Why” before working with clients.

What is their goal and deepest desire?


Where are they now?

Make a beautiful offer for them to join. Stand in the knowing this is about them saying yes to themselves, shift it from “making a sale”, feel into Soul contract, feel into the client, authentic connection will bring currency.
Confidence in knowing your worth and the value of your offering. Seeing the experience and the change of transformation to feel the value.

Call to Action – Put discovery call links everywhere in your offerings.


May 15 2020

In this call Sofiah mentors on the path to monetizing our gifts through tuning in and listening deeply to ourselves as the way to begin to refine and clarify our message. She also speaks to launch strategies, FB group creation, structuring our offerings, and pricing as well as how to use our moon cycle in alignment with creating and sharing our gifts. 

April 10 2020

In this call Sofiah mentors and guides on knowing and serving your clients, creating and supporting Facebook groups, hosting Master Class and other offerings, and models how to launch a program

February 14 2020

In our Ambassador Call #2 Sofiah introduces our TBA sister Erin Guinn as a guest teacher. Together Sofiah and Erin talk and teach about using sacred technology as a tool to be visible and to share messages on different social media platforms, creating new pathways of connecting, aligning to our platforms and learning to use them so it brings us joy to let the medicine out, and sharing our way of living and living what we are teaching. 

January 10 2020

In part 1 of this Business immersion, Sofiah discusses what it means to live your life as an embodied feminine leader birthing your gifts into the world.

Sofiah guides you through a meditation to ground your Temple Body and connect in with what desires to birth through you.

Tuning the instruments of your body and voice are essential for being the embodied magnetic Goddess you were born to BE.

Sofiah shares her story of trusting and birthing Temple Body Arts into the world and what it took her to take the leap of faith.

In Part 2 of the Business Immersion, we get to hear where each sister is in the process of refining and sharing and monetizing her work. Sofiah gives feedback and supports each sister with coaching on where to prioritize focused attention as we begin.

In Part 3 of the Business Immersion, more sisters share and receive feedback and support from Sofiah. We cover the importance of having a niche (knowing who you divine clients are) creating a clear channel for your clients to be able to connect with you and say YES to your offerings.


* Reflect who are you speaking to
* Refine your message
* Get clear on how much money you desire to make a month.
* Play with numbers to be clear on what you are calling in.
* Create your formula: How much do you need to charge for your offerings and for how many clients?

December 13 2019

Sofiah mentors on what you are desiring for 2020 around monetizing your gifts. Sofiah teaches on setting intentions to share and open the space of what is present around creating videos and being visible, putting yourself out there with a divine structure to know where we are and where we are going.

Lighting. Audio. Gaining clarity on speaking to the people you are connecting with through video. Being visible.

Video is the most powerful way to touch people and for them to feel you. Monthly Themes. Container.

Prepare through the Temple Body Arts Practices before going “Live”. Privates/Group programs and calls. 

How to articulate what you do in an easy language/way that anyone can understand.

November 14 2019