Module Three – Graceful Warrior

VIDEO: Graceful Warrior Transmission with Phoenix

Graceful Warrior Daily Practices

– Connect with your Graceful Warrior everyday this week, and commit to an embodiment practice everyday as well.

– Rearrange your altar to reflect the energy you seek from this embodiment.

– Keep a daily journal, and reflect on the questions in this weeks workbook.

– Practice the Graceful Warrior mantra whenever you notice your mind going into old habitual ways that don’t serve; every moment is an opportunity to practice being the Graceful Warrior!

VIDEO: Graceful Warrior Protection Practice

Do this practice before engaging with people who trigger you or in an environment with energies that may drain you.  Learning to differentiate between the energies and people you attract supports you in coming into your full radiance and magnetism.

Extra Resource: Awakening with the Yoni Egg

We begin to connect with yoni eggs in Graceful Warrior with the waxing moon and springtime energy. This is the perfect time to tap into the natural expansion of our creativity, energy and light. Out of the dark moon and into the light. …Rebirth!

The Jade egg is recommended as the best yoni egg to begin with. I also recommend it for the Graceful Warrior Module; it has properties of strength, protection, and balance.

Find “Awakening with the Yoni Egg” PDF and video in the Resources Tab.

VIDEO: August 7 Sisterhood Call Recording

In this call of Birthing Sexual Sovereignty, we journey with the Graceful Warrior and waxing moon to discover how we navigate with our own moon and cycle. Working with the mantra, “I align, Let go, and Trust,” we share what we are ready to commit to in the ways we show up in life.