Module Five

Daily Practices

Be with the Dream Canvas each day.


– Morning Ritual: Every morning after waking, visualize and connect with your dreams and highest desires. Connect with the magnetic frequency you desire to cultivate.

– Evening Ritual: Every evening before bed, invite in gratitude, and visualize three things you are grateful for from your day.

– In your Morning pages practice, notice your thought patterns in your writing.  

– After reading the workbook, complete the Dream Canvas Video.

– Create your Vision Board.

– Connect with the throat chakra and third eye chakra. Repeat the mantras for each chakra.

– Notice what arises in your life, your relationships and your dreams.


Answer the Reflection Questions in your journal and share one response in the FB Group.

Dream Canvas Video

In the Dream Canvas Video, you are guided to tune into how you desire to move through the world and explore embodying that magnetic frequency. Explore your kinesphere and paint your dreams with your Temple Body.

The Beginning sequence of Dream Canvas invites you to open up your body and access specific movements before you enter free-form movement. As always, listen to your body and if any of these movements feel challenging, please modify and explore new movement pathways that feel good. Be patient with yourself. It may look different from what I am doing in the video. Be in the practice of trust and acceptance of where you are as you explore new ways of moving. Most importantly, have fun! Every move is made with creativity and play.

Every time you practice the Dream Canvas Video, it will be new. I invite you to return to this practice anytime you feel stuck and want to be inspired to create new pathways.


Module Five Call Recording – February 20

In our Module Five Dream Canvas call, I guide a meditation to connect you with your infinite potential. Dream Canvas invites us into this beautiful co-creative relationship with the divine. 

In every moment you get to choose what you align your thoughts, beliefs and feelings body with. You are sending out an electromagnetic broadcast that creates the Dream Canvas and how we dance within it. Looking at life as a garden, we get to consciously choose what we “water” and give the power to grow. As you tune into what you want to create in your life you consciously water those seeds rather than the old “weeds” of things that don’t serve you anymore.