Equinox DAnce Ceremony Replay

March 20, 2022


Dive into this Equinox Ceremony replay and receive a powerful dance journey with sisters from around the globe as we ripple our love across the world. Receive a special singing bowl sound transmission to guide you to connect more deeply with your inner priestess.

0:02 Opening and welcome

3:05 Speaking into what’s alive

4:44 Setting intention

8:23 Grounding lotus flower yoni portal meditation and breath

16:58 Dance journey

1:25:46 Temple Body Priestess journaling

1:32:54 Singing bowl sound transmission

1:42:30 Declaration journaling

1:46:50 Speaking into Temple Body Sisterhood, Temple Body Tuesdays, and Activation

1:48:07 Trusting and listening to how the Temple Body Priestess is calling us to show up and serve

1:50:40 Sharing what is desiring to come through me and closing