Module Two

Daily Practices

Be with Innate Wisdom each day.

– Make your life a ritual. Upon waking, place your hands on your womb and heart and listen to what is alive for you, learn to listen to the subtleties of your innate wisdom.

– Free write three Morning Pages. Create a morning practice to write, empty the mind and dialogue with different aspects of yourself.

– Complete the Innate Wisdom Video.

– Set aside time for the Innate Wisdom Self-Portrait Practice after completing the video.

– Track where you are in your menstrual cycle and how it coincides with the lunar cycle. Check out the *Bonus* Womb Wisdom Mapping & Tracking Your Moon Cycle inside the Resources tab.

– Connect with the sacral chakra and heart chakra. Repeat the mantras for each chakra. Explore these practices at your own pace.

– Notice what arises in your life, your relationships and your dreams.

– Answer the Reflection Questions in your journal and connect with the Sisterhood.

Video: Innate Wisdom

In the Innate Wisdom Video, you are guided to slow down, and bring your awareness into your womb and heart as you explore new ways of moving in your body.

After completing the video and movement practice, set aside time to do a Self Portrait of your Innate Wisdom. Get a large piece of paper or newsprint, with pastels, crayons, colored pencils, or any colorful way to express yourself on paper. See which words want to be expressed from the drawing, dialogue with the parts that really stand out to you…see what your innate wisdom wants to tell you through writing.

*Visit the Resources Tab for a bonus workbook: Womb Wisdom Mapping & Tracking Your Moon Cycle*

Module Two Call Recording – January 23

In our Module Two call I guide you into a meditation to connect to your womb and Innate Wisdom. I then share how our Innate Wisdom can be reflected in various ways through the Temple Body and the importance of tuning into these messages. Phoenix Na Gig the Womb Whisperer also discusses the bonus Moon Cycle lesson and how each phase relates to different aspects in life.