Kali Playlist

Further guidance and music inspired by the chaos rhythm is available on my Spotify playlist:

Kali Chaos Dance Spotify Playlist.

Daily Practices

Be with Kali each day.


– Make your life a ritual. Create an altar dedicated to Kali, find an object which represents her energy to add to your altar, perhaps include obsidian, collect bones and feathers you find and create a piece of art symbolizing your relationship to birth and death and Kali. Dress in black or red.

– Complete the Kali Video and listen to the Kali Meditation. 

– Complete the practices in the workbook: connect with your voice, sisterhood, a fire ritual, and chaos.  

– Even if only for 5 minutes each day, be with your journal and reflect on these practices.

– Practice the Mudra Mantras to release what no longer serves.

– To go deeper, Read the chapter on Kali in Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton. 

Answer the Reflection Questions in your journal and connect with the Sisterhood and Queen’s Chamber. 

Invite Kali to be with you and find ways to step out of your comfort zone and get a little more free, raw and unrefined! 


In this guided meditation, you are invited to take a bath or hot shower and then lie down naked in the dark on the floor. You may desire to move your body on the earth during this journey with Kali in the darkness. Meditation does not have to be completely still, so listen to how your body wants to respond. You can also explore sticking out your tongue and exhaling only love. Option to use the Yoni Egg, see more guidance in the workbook.  Music: Shamana Master by Imagika Om

Listen to the Kali Meditation HERE


Kali Video

Kali Call Recording – May 8

What a powerful call. Get ready to be ignited and empowered by the Dark Mother, Kali Ma. Her fierce love allows us to drop our masks and see the full raw expression of ourselves. Kali helps us to trust lovingly in the process of destruction and invite curiosity for what might happen as we allow new things to take shape.