Daily Practices

Be with Lalita each day.


– Make your life a ritual. Create an altar dedicated to Lalita, find an object which represents her energy to add to your altar, perhaps a crystal yoni wand or image symbolizing her.
– Complete the Lalita Video and listen to the Lalita Meditation.
– Complete the practices in the workbook: connect with your Desires, Pleasure, and Sensuality.
– Begin each day this week by placing one hand on your yoni and one hand on your heart. Connect to how you desire to feel throughout the day and anchor it in with your breath.
– Dress and adorn in ways to honor your Temple Body, Lalita’s colors are the colors of the sunset, rosy, vibrant and golden. Wear beautiful scents and soft yummy fabrics.
– Practice the Mudra Mantra to focus on your creative power, connect with the divine, and birth your desires into being.
– To go deeper, Read the chapter on Lalita in Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton.

Answer the Reflection Questions in your journal and connect with the Sisterhood and Queen’s Chamber.


In this guided meditation, you are invited to give yourself the gift of becoming fully present. Connect with your senses and your highest desires.  Through this practice of subtle rocking and undulations, you are guided to open your central channel from your root to your crown as you connect your yoni, womb, and heart as one.  Option to use the Yoni Egg.

Listen to the Lalita Meditation HERE

Music tracks: Isha by Deya Dova and Ceremony of the Heart by Liquid Bloom


Lalita Video

In this movement video, you are guided to connect with the wellspring of Lalita’s essence and regenerative power. Connect with your highest desires and fill yourself up in this playful dance experience.

Lalita Call Recording – April 29

In this call, Sofiah teaches and mentors on deep listening and discernment to navigate through life as the embodiment of Lalita. Lalita is here to awaken us into our magnetic power to harness our sexual creative energy to align and focus on what we truly desire. Sofiah guides you to connect to an opportunity to know yourself deeply, making life a ritual, to align every day with our highest desire, to be the witness, to see when you may be choosing to go and give your energy, attention, and mind to what is not aligned.