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Sophia Faria

Copywriter & Creative Consultant

Since the birth of the Temple Body Arts School, Sophia Faria has played an integral role as a Creative Consultant, Copywriter, and Alchemical Dreamer. In close collaboration with Sofiah Thom, she has supported creating the Temple Body Arts manual and materials. 

Sophia offers Visionaries and Embodied Leaders consulting and practical support to soundboard, design, refine and birth their content and online businesses. She will help you clarify and structure your ideas and visions. From course design and curriculum development to distilling your wisdom in writing and helping you find the words that truly embody your unique essence, Sophia is by your side! 

Increase your confidence and soft skills in offering 1:1 sessions with Sophia’s guidance and feedback. Her focus areas include session structure, discovery calls, trauma awareness, working with sexuality, creating an arch for your divine client sessions.

Melissa Robin

Mindset & Confidence Coach & Creatrix

Melissa joined Temple Body Arts in 2018 as a student and photographer. Over the years, Sofiah and Melissa have collaborated to create many of the signature essence branded images you see within the Temple Body Arts materials and social channels. Melissa is a Mindset & Confidence Coach and Content Creatrix who empowers individuals and businesswomen through nature-based somatic practices, meditation, rituals, coaching sessions, and intentional photography sessions. For the past 15 years, Melissa has inspired leaders, creatives, and artists to uncover their truth to live a prosperous and meaningful life. A photographer by trade, Melissa has synergized her camera skills with her passion for helping individuals and businesses capture their authenticity. Melissa’s gentle, grounding energy plus her diverse experience behind the camera will help you flow and uncover your true essence. Melissa is here to support you on your journey and document the process, leaving you with powerful reminders that you can use to re-energize and tap into your divine power in the future. 


Designer of Marketing & Sales Strategy

Csia offers Marketing & Sales Strategy for rising leaders and has been an incredible support in the growth of Temple Body Arts since 2017. Csia is an expert at transforming passive followers into active and eager buyers. Csia offers savvy support demystifying the process of Sales and Marketing with simple human behavior-based. Her ten years of experience in the technical marketing world will help you finally “put yourself out there” in a more easeful, authentic way and bring in new paying clients with confidence! 

Erin Sky

Social Media Strategist & Content Creatrix

Erin Sky joined Temple Body Arts as a student and social media manager and strategist in 2019. Erin collaborates and visions with Sofiah on the Temple Body Arts online presence. Erin supports visionary entrepreneurs by cultivating an embodied online presence that aligns deeply with their medicine and message. She is a master of weaving the sacred with the practical to guide you in creating online platforms that resonate deeply with your divine clients. Her medicine helps individuals unleash their radical self-expression, come home to their voice, own their power, and learn to translate their medicine and message to the online spaces with ease and authentic alignment. She believes in the power our online presence holds to radically transform our world.