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Sacred Dreamer

Path to Prosperity and Birthing your Gifts

With each feminine archetype and cycle, we will explore different aspects of the Prosperity star aligned with the themes and phases of the moon Compass and points of the TBA Guiding Compass. Each point of the star and cycle builds upon the other. We are here to create, refine, and uplevel each aspect of the Path to Prosperity.



We are here to birth a new paradigm collectively.

Sacred Dreamer

Reflect and Receive with the New Moon and your Sacred Dreamer time. This is about dreaming into your soul’s purpose, why you are here, and who you will serve as your divine client. This is a potent time to tune into your Sacred Why and recognize ‘what turns you on’ as a guide to revealing your unique gifts.

    • Sacred Why (Center Gem) – Your purpose and sacred mission in life. What are you most passionate about? What lights you up, ignites you, gets you fired up? Why do you do what you do? How do you desire to serve? What is your sacred mission in life? When do you feel on purpose and what is inspiring you to take action?

    • Unique Gifts – Your innate gifts you are here to share. What are your natural inherent gifts you here to offer? Reflect on your journey including your initiations, what has brought you to say YES to Temple Body Arts? When you think back to the times in your life, when you have felt most alive, turned on, plugged in, present, fulfilled, grateful, on purpose, and inspired? What do you truly value?

    • Divine Clients – a person whom you have a soul contract to serve. Who is your divine client? Who can relate to your story, your experience, and your offering? Who are you here to serve and reach with your message? What are the common challenges they experience? You will learn about defining your niche and its importance in reaching your divine client.