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Graceful Warrior

Path to Prosperity and Birthing your Gifts

With each feminine archetype and cycle, we will explore different aspects of the Prosperity star aligned with the themes and phases of the moon Compass and points of the TBA Guiding Compass. Each point of the star and cycle builds upon the other. We are here to create, refine, and uplevel each aspect of the Path to Prosperity.



We are here to birth a new paradigm collectively.

Graceful Warrior

Under the Waxing Moon with the Graceful Warrior, align and take action to bring your sacred dreams into the world. You will be guided to bring your gifts into form through creating and refining your Magnetic Message. Speak to your niche. Complete your Desire MAP. Organize your time. Create your calendar and schedule as well as discern where to direct your energy. Cultivating strong boundaries and structures will support your focused attention.

    • Magnetic Message – speak to the results you promise to deliver.
      Speak directly to your divine client with what your divine client most desires. What are you inspired to offer? Find the sweet spot between your passions and what people are willing to invest in. Reach your divine clients with a solution for their problem or struggle. Your offering is here to fill the gap of where your client currently is and where they desire to be.