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Path to Prosperity and Birthing your Gifts

With each feminine archetype and cycle, we will explore different aspects of the Prosperity star aligned with the themes and phases of the moon Compass and points of the TBA Guiding Compass. Each point of the star and cycle builds upon the other. We are here to create, refine, and uplevel each aspect of the Path to Prosperity.



We are here to birth a new paradigm collectively.


Share your gifts and birth yourself into the world with the full moon and Mother/Lover. Define your signature essence brand, up-level your relationship with sacred technology, embody your wealth frequency, and know your value. With a generous spirit, you will become more visible. Learn about and offer discovery sessions to connect with your potential clients. It’s time to be seen and build community.

    • Signature soul Essence Your Brand essence. What makes you unique and stand out from all the noise? You will discover and embody your unique signature essence that holds the frequency your divine clients desire and wish to awaken within themselves.

    • Sacred Technology – explore your relationship with sacred technology. Learn how to share your essence and messaging with the world through online marketing and social media. You will learn about social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram), developing your website, and growing your mailing list. Build community and online platforms that will support you in sharing your message and magnetizing your divine clients.

    • Wealth Frequency – Embody your value and know the worth of your gifts. Recognize your value, rewrite old limiting stories around money and wealth. Make love to numbers. Understand the dance of reciprocation; giving and receiving. Learn how the frequency of gratitude can shift your relationship to the world, money, and prosperity.