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Womb Heart Meditation

This guided meditation was originally created as a free gift for a summit I was part of. This practice embodies the spirit of Mother/Lover and at the same time offers an example of offering a free gift to educate and bring awareness to my work.

Notice how the practice is positioned for women who may be experiencing my work for the first time. Also notice that I shot this video on my phone with a lavalier mic, creating content can be easy!

In this 13-minute guided movement meditation, I invite your yoni, womb, and heart as one. Tap into your infinite potentiality as you access and direct your sexual creative energy through your Temple Body.
You are welcome to follow along with or without your yoni egg.

What you will need:
🎧 Headphones/speaker
🥚 Yoni Egg (jade preferably, unless another crystal magnetizes you)