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Embrace Your Wild Woman Ritual

I invite you to watch Wild Woman Ritual Video and create your own inspired ritual with your yoni egg and/or obsidian.

Temple Body Arts invite you to make life a ritual. A ritual is a tool and technology bridging the material world with the greater mystery and Divine Creative Spirit. Ritual creates a container of transformation and allows space for mystical experiences in everyday life.

– Guidance for your Ritual –
This Wild Woman Ritual invites you to express your shadow and any hidden emotions that need to be felt and seen. Experience yourself, vulnerable, wild, and raw. By creating a conscious container for the shadow to come through, you allow the energy to be transmuted into a healing art. Gather sage, incense or resins, blood or symbolic blood, knife or symbolic dagger to cut away, rattle or drum if you have one, dark-colored shawl or veil, rock that fits in your hand, obsidian egg or stone to hold. Earth, dirt, or mud if you are inside.

– Create Your Ritual –
♦️ Begin with the yoni egg inside and/or holding an obsidian stone, sit in an upright position, visualize yourself as the Wild Woman. The yoni egg anchors us into our intention.
♦️ Infuse the egg with your intention; this can include inviting the shadow for you to witness and express, releasing and cutting away cords of past lovers, embracing and making space for your full sexual sovereignty. If there is anyone or anything you need to forgive, you can write a letter of forgiveness and connect with Quan Yin from our Awakening the Goddess Trimester.
♦️ If possible, do your Ritual outside in nature where you can connect to the earth and get messy. You will want privacy as well, it is important to feel safe to express deep and raw emotions through your voice and body. Store your energy with the womb cradle mudra from our Yoni Egg Awakening Module in the resources tab, once you are complete.
♦️ Have your journal with you and reflect on the experience afterward.