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Wild Woman

Path to Prosperity and Birthing your Gifts

With each feminine archetype and cycle, we will explore different aspects of the Prosperity star aligned with the themes and phases of the moon Compass and points of the TBA Guiding Compass. Each point of the star and cycle builds upon the other. We are here to create, refine, and uplevel each aspect of the Path to Prosperity.



We are here to birth a new paradigm collectively.

Wild Woman

Under the waning moon, work with the Wild Woman to support you to refine your offering by seeing and feeling what is, and what is not in alignment. Take this time to integrate the cycles, and give yourself permission to go into any shadow work that might be present. Use Expressive Arts to move through any stuckness or release what you no longer need to step into embodied leadership. It is time to refine, map out, and express your offering through writing and other mediums.