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Womb Initiation Audios

Womb Initiation Timeline Invitation

Carve out at least 30 minutes to listen to this 20 minute meditation and then create your womb timeline art.

What you need for your Womb Timeline Art:

📰 2 Huge pieces of paper – newsprint
🎨🖌️ Pastels, paint brushes and paint
🩸 Your blood or symbolic blood, earth, mud, clay, red paint
✒️ Pens to write on your Timeline


* Ho’opono’pono Practice *

In the Womb Timeline Meditation, I mention the forgiveness and healing practice of Ho’opono’pono, a Hawaiian ritual offering of forgiveness and compassion. To do the practice repeat the following mantra:

Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

If you feel called you can wear your yoni egg whilst doing the Womb Initiation Meditation and creating your Womb Timeline and painting.
Listen to your womb wisdom for the yoni egg she desires for this womb truth healing exercise. Perhaps rose quartz and her unconditional love if you have one, or amethyst to connect to the angelic realms of support, or obsidian to clear out old stories, or jade to balance and harmonize.
And perhaps you don’t feel called to wear a yoni egg at this time, and that is perfect Remember there is no right or wrong, only YOUR truth.