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Temple Body Priestess Video

Yoni Gazing Practice Invitation

**Try doing this practice after the Awakening the Sexual Priestess Sound Chakra Activation**

In a sacred space, set aside 5-15 minutes to connect with your yoni in the mirror. Option to use the yoni egg of your choice. I recommend an amethyst, if you have one, to open up the channel between your lotus flower yoni portal and crown chakra.



  • Put on background music that creates a safe, loving, and sensual environment. For inspiration, check out my Slow and Sensual Playlist on Spotify or Sacred Marriage Meditation.
  • Place your mirror where you can see your Lotus flower Yoni Portal.
  • Place your hands on your yoni. Breathe slowly and deeply into your yoni.
  • Root your Temple Body. Connect the roots of your Lotus Flower Yoni Portal with the rose quartz crystal in the center of the earth. Bring the earth energy up into your yoni.
  • Continue to explore and listen to your yoni, and how she would like to be touched. If you have some yummy oils, massage your vulva and labia, the outer areas of your yoni.
  • Connect the lips of your mouth with your yoni lips by exploring making sounds, sticking out your tongue, and releasing any tension in your jaw.
  • As you gaze at her and explore the layers of your yoni with your fingers, notice how beautiful she is. Be gentle with any judgments that may arise. Use breath, movement, and sound to release the judgments and keep returning to see the beauty of your yoni.



In listening to your yoni, begin to dialogue with your yoni as the Priestess, writing the qualities and beauty you see, perhaps she tells you her name.

Ask her…

How does she desire to be touched and loved?
How does she desire to be expressed in the world now?
Is there anything she wants you to know?
Where does she feel you have given away your power?
What are the agreements that honor your Womb Truth and yoni? What are the agreements you want to refine, realign, or create anew?

When you feel complete, place one hand on your yoni and one hand on your heart as you honor yourself and your unique journey as a sexually sovereign being, ready to birth your gifts into the world.