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Cycle 9 – Call Replays

Leadership Path – Embodied Feminine Leadership

Closing Gathering


December 15, 2021

What an incredible closing call we had, sister!

The breakthroughs you shared were so potent and inspiring. And a big thank you to Melissa Robin for teaching the Focus Sheet and the importance of taking daily aligned action.

As we close this powerful container for the 2021 Embodied Feminine Leadership Path, I encourage you to reflect and celebrate all the ways you transformed in the last nine months! You have walked your own divinely timed path to get to this point on your journey.

Tune in to the replay to calibrate your YES frequency and receive clarity on your next step.

0:10 Welcome and speaking into Temple Body Lineage and the frequency of celebration and fortitude it takes to continue on this path
9:19 Celebrations of sisters and Maelle shares her celebration of recommitting and stepping into her confidence and trust
15:46 Dance journey of celebration
55:25 Journaling to anchor into the frequency of celebration and what are the biggest shifts and transformations you have moved through
1:07:05 Sisters sharing celebrations and what they received from being in star pods:
Mayumi – healing the separation wound
Sarah – Has gained focus and clarity
Vanessa – After 2 years has become clear on her medicine pillars
Niky – Fully embodied and living her medicine
1:23:42 Melissa Robin shares her Focus Sheet and methods and tools for creating structure
1:42:32 Sofiah and Melissa speak into what is your next aligned action for what you are desiring to create. Looking at it through the lens of the Path to Purchase. Speaking into the Jumpstart program for 2022.
2:01:40 Sofiah shares her story of what it took to get to where she is now; how much she invested in herself, and everything she moved through.
2:26:25 Loveseat coaching: Celebrations and speaking to resistance, confusion, navigating the unknown, the pain and bliss of the birthing process, moving from scarcity mindset to abundance, taking aligned action
3:14:51 Sofiah shares about the solstice celebration zoom call into the Temple Body Sisterhood for Rising Leaders Facebook group on December 21st at 11:11 am PT
3:19:30 Loveseat coaching continued: Creating a sustainable life and aligning to your soul’s purpose even if you don’t have or want to create a business, celebrations of recommitment.
3:50:51 Mayumi and Skylar share a singing bowl transmission
4:02:34 Closing love

Leadership Path – Embodied Feminine Leadership Call 1

December 1, 2021

Join us on this embodiment journey to a deep place of remembrance to know your value and worth, what you are here to birth into the world, and to claim your Queendom! Honor and lovingly accept yourself where you are and all the deep work you have put in. It takes time, patience, and maturation to cultivate yourself as an embodied leader. Receive clarity around your medicine pillars, signature essence, and your next steps on this journey with Temple Body Arts.

Sofiah goes over the process for becoming a certified Temple Body Artist and what is required. Receive inspiration from the beautiful, vulnerable, potent shares from sisters, including Sofiah, around how we are being stretched at this time.

0:16 Welcome and dance journey
41:17 Journaling
47:15 Sister shares
1:22:50 Speaking into the TBA Certification requirements, Bios, and staying connected to Temple Body Arts
1:37:32 Preparation for our final retreat
1:47:45 Closing