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Embodied Feminine Leadership

Understand the Gifts and Superpowers of each Lunar Archetype to support the Sustainable Growth of your Soul Aligned Business. Know and value your unique role in this movement of the Rise of the Divine Feminine. Claim Your Place in the World as the Leader You Were Born to Be, Share Your Gifts & Message on the Temple Body Arts Global Platform when You are ready to bloom!

    • Embodied Leadership (Encompassing Circle)– You are the embodiment of what you stand for. After moving through the different points of the Prosperity Star and journeying through the feminine archetypes, you recognize how your signature soul essence is your brand. Your embodied expression and life are a divine reflection of your signature soul essence, you are a living example of all you stand for. You know, and trust that as you continue to say YES to your sacred mission and yourself, filling your cup and living on purpose, your magnetism attracts true prosperity on all levels.