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December 2021 Retreat: Day 1

Session 1

 Embodiment Journey “Claim Your Gold”

Use the time stamps below to dive in!

4:14 Welcome, orienting + intentions for 3-day journey together
13:16 Claim and express your gold dance
35:57 Sofiah welcomes and shares reflections of the sisters
1:12:37 Journaling -refining what your Gold is
1:27:21 Sisters share their refined Gold
2:27:36 Sofiah shares the Gold she is claiming

Session 2

Your Divine Inheritance

Use the time stamps below to dive in!

0:00 Honoring the Temple Body Team
4:49 Honoring Temple Body Artists and Ambassadors on growth and recommitment with Temple Body Arts
41:00 Guided Future Self Visualization. Holding the highest vision as a Soulpreneur. Envisioning what’s next.
1:02:19 Anna Naturalista shares on Your Divine Inheritance
2:00:20 Anna Naturalista – journaling: destory and restory
2:09:50 Sofiah shares about the evening session: “Unravel” with ambassadors Vanessa and Nicole; and closing

Session 3

Unravel: Body, Womb, Voice with Ambassadors Vanessa and Nicole