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December 2021 Retreat: Day 3

Session 1

Claim Your Sacred Stand

Use the time stamps below to dive in!

0:01 Welcome dance and impact you are here to create
24:38 Loveseat Coaching – Sofiah coaches sisters on any blocks to recommitment, money, and celebrates saying yes!
2:04:57 Claim your sacred stand dance
2:38:01 Triad star pods
3:05:00 Closing for lunch

Session 2

Your Presence Impacts the World

Use the time stamps below to dive in!

9:27 Welcome
12:47 Sisters share their sacred stand expressions
1:05:45 Melissa Michaels Sacred Stand and Claudine Migisha + Golden Girls Global video
1:52:03 Sacred stand expressions continued
2:21:50 Sofiah singing bowls transmission
2:32:52 Closing wrap up