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Welcome Beloved Sister.


You have reached the Leadership Path Member Portal, where you will be able to access all your workbooks, resources, practices, and call replays throughout our 9-month journey.


I am so looking forward to diving in with you for this transformational journey.


Just like a garden, we must tend to our practices to experience the fruits of our efforts.


The more you return to the practices and carve out time to honor your Temple Body, the deeper this new river of intention will flow.


Repetition holds the key to creating new pathways of moving, as you rewrite the old stories which no longer serve your highest YES!



See you soon sister!


With love,



Leadership Path Calls

Zoom Link: HERE

Password: leadership

Each Month you will receive: 

> Three 2-hour Leadership Path calls with me

> 1 Business Implementation Q&A Call with one of our Expert Leaders

> Extra support during Integration Weeks through a Queen’s Chamber Call

Temple Body Arts Sisterhood Agreements

Please read our Temple Body Sisterhood Agreements below and learn what we stand for here in our Sisterhood.


The Collective Sisterhood of Temple Body Arts is built upon the foundation of the Sisterhood Agreements, which reflect the qualities and ways of being that each Sister aligns with. How you show up to the Sisterhood and in the world is essential to the integrity of our mission and vision.


Collaboration over Competition: I replace any sense of competition with collaboration. I will do my best to rewrite any old beliefs around safety and trust in the Temple Body Arts Sisterhood.


Live Your Yes: I honor my discernment and practice speaking my NO in order to live my YES. I practice living in alignment with my highest YES in service to the awakening of humanity.


Confidentiality: I commit to absolute confidentiality. I will only share my experience. There is no room for gossip or drama in my life.


Communication: I speak with integrity and use the power of my words in the direction of truth and love. I avoid using words to speak against myself or others. With courage, I communicate to express what I need and want and to clear any unspoken’s or misunderstandings.


Listening: I value and practice the art of listening. I will do my best to be present and listen to you. I will not try to fix you or offer any advice unless it is requested. I trust you have everything you need within you, and I know inherently there is nothing to fix.


Container: I honor the container, time, and sacred energy of the Sisterhood, I am accountable for my presence.


Self- Love: I commit to loving and caring for my Temple Body. I will prioritize the sacred space and time to be in my personal practice.


Difference: I celebrate my unique beauty, gifts, and the ways in which we are all different yet vital pieces of the Temple Body Sisterhood. We are all unique fingerprints of the Goddess.


Best Self: I understand that what I give to this process is what I will receive. I will actively participate and share my experiences to stay connected within the sisterhood. I am self-resourced and take full responsibility for myself and my results.


Divine Play: I agree to not take life too seriously, and I recognize that life is divine creative spirit at play.