Authentic Expression Embodiment Journey

“Clear Your Channel To Express Your Essence”


It is time to bring your wild, unapologetic, and authentic expression into the world! It is time to honor your creative impulses and live your life in your own authentic way!

This is an invitation to drop the masks and free yourself of any old identities and roles that are holding you back from expressing the fullness of who you are. It is an invitation to clear your channel and remove anything that does not belong to you, including the belief that you have to be any other thing than YOU… radiant, unapologetically expressed YOU.

We have been conditioned to hide. We have been made to fear what lives underneath the masks we have been wearing. But we KNOW there is more. We know there is more that is just waiting to be expressed.

To embody your full authentic expression, you must be devoted to clearing away what does not belong to you in order to see what is truly desiring to be expressed. You must be willing to empty out for your essence to be revealed.

I created a powerful embodiment practice that will support you to “Clear Your Channel to Express Your Essence.” I invite you as you tune into this practice to listen to your inner compass and find your own unique rhythm of being, moving, and expressing. My presence and movement are meant to be a guide for you to drop into your own knowing of how your authentic essence desires to be expressed.


Continue your tracking practice of observing the moments when you notice you are both authentic and inauthentic in your expression. The action steps and inquiry below can be used to continue to guide this practice and increase your awareness. Remember, there is no one you have to be other than yourself.

1. Create a clearing ritual with this practice. Gather some sage, palo santo, incense, or another tool to clear the energy in your space and your body. Do this while stating your intention to clear your channel and receive clarity on what is wanting to be revealed and expressed.

2. Practice Energetic Brushing. Take your hands and wipe away all the energy of other people from your body. You can do this any time you feel your channel is being blocked by other people’s frequency.
What do you notice shifts in your channel when you consciously clear your energetic body?

3. Trust your own inner compass. Allow yourself to explore and follow your impulses. Authentic expression requires us to be sourced from within. We must be willing to trust our intuitive impulses and act on them. During this embodiment journey, allow yourself to surrender and trust how you are being guided to move.
How are you being guided to authentically express yourself?
Where are you not trusting yourself completely?

4. Drop the masks. Authentic expression isn’t always pretty. Drop the belief that it has to look a certain way. Let go and let the authentic, vulnerable you be revealed.

Where are you still hiding?
What are you holding onto that is preventing you from expressing your wild, unapologetic self?

5. Ask to receive clarity. As you clear your channel, ask to receive clarity on how your essence wants to be expressed. Offer up what no longer serves to Spirit so that the divine creative spark within can be seen and expressed.
What part of you is desiring to be revealed and expressed to come more fully into your radiance?
Remember, every day is an opportunity to embody your wild, unapologetic expression and to show up aligned in your authentic essence.