Divine Purpose Embodiment Journey

“Claim Your Divine Purpose”


Sister, this is your moment to shine unapologetically and embody the full expression of your essence!

Tune into this practice, Dance Your Divine Purpose, and allow yourself to play and explore as you embody your Divine Purpose. Feel into all that you desire to share, and let yourself take up space as you allow your divine essence to flow in your unique way.

Calling all parts of yourself home, feel into the power of your presence, and claim your path, your body, your voice, and your gifts as you Dance Your Divine Purpose.

*Prepare for the journey by adorning yourself in as little clothing as you feel comfortable in. Gather a nibble of something that brings you pleasure or some essential oils. Find a safe space to indulge in this practice where you feel free to explore your body and senses.

*In these embodiment videos, please honor your body by making any necessary modifications to support you.*

Journal Prompt:

Take 10 minutes this week to journal with the following prompt:

”What does it feel like to fully say YES to my Divine Purpose?”


Repeat this mantra to align your day with the embodiment of your Divine Purpose.

”I say YES and fully claim my Divine Purpose.”