Feminine Power Embodiment Journey

“Awakening Shakti”


Are you ready to awaken your Shakti and feel your Feminine Power moving through your body?

Awaken your sexual creative power through this embodiment dance journey to “Activate Your Feminine Power!”

Your Feminine Power is what brings the intangible into form. It is the life force energy of all creation that flows through you day after day, directing you in the choices and actions you take. It is always present and guiding you through life. If there are places in your life or in your Temple Body where your Shakti is blocked from flowing freely without restriction, this practice will support you in moving through them.

It is important to remember that your relationship to your Feminine Power will feel different day-to-day, depending on where you are in relation to the lunar archetypes of your cycle or the moon herself. Shakti has many faces and moves in many different ways, and ALL of them are worthy and valid.

Tune into this embodiment dance journey to “Activate Your Feminine Power” and explore the ways your Shakti energy desires to move!


Before you begin, choose a space where you will feel safe to drop into your full sexual creative power, where you can move freely and expressively without being disturbed. Remember to meet yourself where you are at and release all expectations as you begin.

1. Bring your full focus and presence to this practice. Your Shakti can be directed toward what you want to embody and create when you bring your full presence to the moment. As you dance with your Shakti, imagine you have already created all you desire and feel into what it looks and feels like.

2. Explore all the many facets of your Feminine Power. Shakti can flow through us in many different ways. Be open during this embodiment journey to exploring the many ways Shakti desires to move through you. There are no right or wrong ways to move with this energy.

3. Tune into where you are in relationship to your Feminine Power through the lens of the lunar archetypes. Throughout the days and weeks, your relationship to your Feminine Power may shift according to the lunar cycles. If you are still bleeding, then you may want to explore your relationship to your Feminine Power in each of the distinct phases of your menstrual cycle. And whether or not you are bleeding, the lunar archetypes align with the current phase of the moon collectively.

4. Say YES to your Shakti! Lastly, saying YES to your Shakti and just acknowledging you are a part of all creation is a major step in awakening your Feminine Power. As a woman, you may have been told to be quiet, to be a “good girl,” or that you are too much. Collectively we have been constantly bombarded with messaging that has caused us to shut off from our Shakti and the fullness of our Feminine Power. But now is the time…

To say YES…
To your Shakti,
To your Feminine Power,
To your confidence and…