The Five-Fold Path

Rooting Your Temple Body lays the foundation for this journey and is made up of the Five Fold Path. A guiding map to embody, empower and express our Divine Feminine Power. This Five Fold Path consists of Bamboo Spirit, Innate Wisdom, Graceful Warrior, Dream Canvas, and Living Artfully.


Rooting your Temple Body is embedded in the Tantric belief that your body is an instrument of the divine and of awakening. What you cultivate internally within your body and mind, informs what you will create externally, in your waking life. 


Throughout this journey, you will learn tools to help guide you on your path. Through embodiment, empowerment, and expression of your inner Goddess, you will come alive in ways you have been waiting for as you say YES to a creative path of freedom. 


Your body constitutes the vehicle in which you move through your life, and so it is essential to know how to love your body and have a positive relationship with your temple to create a life you love. It is time to give yourself permission to be the fullest expression of yourself, as you empower your sacred sexuality and embody confidence on a whole new level. 


We are on this journey together, you are not alone as you come into your Temple Body, your power, your femininity, and your creativity more deeply. 

Reach out for Support . . .

As we explore more aspects of ourselves and connect with our sexuality, unresolved traumas or experiences may surface to be healed. I strongly encourage you to work with a skilled practitioner, therapist, women’s health expert, or somatic guide to support you in moving through deep emotions.

I highly suggest having extra support to move through what may arise. Please check out our list of Support Resources, which is also in the Resources Tab. 

It is up to you to continue what you want to pursue and nurture for the greatest transformation. The practices and journal prompts can help to organize your thoughts so you can better discern where to focus your energy. Keep a journal to allow even more to come through you and out into the world.