Pleasure Embodiment Journey

“Embodied Pleasure Dance Video”


Get ready to explore your pleasure!

As women, we are wired for pleasure by simply tuning in to our senses and allowing ourselves to become fully present to what turns us on.

By saying yes to your pleasure you create space to experience your full sensual essence and increase your capacity to be present in your life.

Your body is wired for pleasure. I invite you to say YES to this pleasure.

I invite you to open to even more pleasure with:

You get to choose how you show up in your life and what you say yes to. By giving yourself full permission to experience pleasure in your body you reclaim your sexual sovereignty and your divine sensual essence.

Experience this guided dance journey to embody your pleasure as you invoke and awaken your divine sensual essence.

*Prepare for the journey by adorning yourself in as little clothing as you feel comfortable in. Gather a nibble of something that brings you pleasure or some essential oils. Find a safe space to indulge in this practice where you feel free to explore your body and your senses. 

In these embodiment videos, please honor your body by making any necessary modifications to support you.


Journal Prompt:

Take 10 minutes this week to journal with the following prompt:

“How do I desire to experience more pleasure in my life?”


Repeat this mantra every day this week to invoke pleasure into all that you do and create day today:

“I say YES to experiencing the pleasure available to me.”