Prosperity Embodiment Journey

“What If Money Was Your Lover?”


Money is a currency of love.

When you invite money, your lover, into the dance of your life, you get to choose how you will move with them. You get to choose how they will flow through your life. You get to choose what they represent. You get to choose how they will support you in creating the life of your dreams.

So what will you choose?

We are creating a new paradigm as women who reclaim our worth, saying YES to our feminine power, and aligning our lives with our highest YES. You already have everything that you need to create the life of your dreams. Your prosperity codes are ready to be awakened! It is time to trust and open yourself to what true prosperity feels like in every cell of your Temple Body.

I invite you during this guided embodiment journey to imagine money as your lover. Bring your full presence as you meet your lover from a place of gratitude and awaken your prosperity codes!


1. Bring your full presence here now. Money, your lover, deserves your FULL presence. Come fully into your senses as you dance with your lover. Be fully present with what you desire from your lover. Allow yourself to FEEL the fulfillment of those desires from your lover. Reflect daily on…

What is my intention with my lover? What am I calling in?

2. Connect with pleasure to receive. The more you open yourself to what brings you pleasure, the more magnetic you become to receive. Money is attracted to pleasure. It wants to flow where the energy is open and receptive. Check-in with yourself throughout your day…

Does this choice align me with my pleasure?

3. Clear the pathways and channels to receive. Identify the places in your life where you are blocking yourself from fully receiving. Begin to rewrite the stories passed down through your lineage that might be blocking you from receiving as well. Use this dance to clear, release, and rewrite and the blocks.

4. Know your value. As you meet your lover in this dance, remember your value. Remember how prosperous, worthy, and abundant you already are. Honor and meet yourself in this prosperous state of being as you move your Temple Body.

5. Express your gratitude. Take time each day to express your gratitude for all the ways money shows up to support you in your life. Money is a beautiful energy that brings richness to our lives. Recognize how rich, abundant, wealthy, and prosperous you are NOW. This recognition and gratitude aligns you with the frequency of money and opens up the ability to attract more.