Sovereignty Embodiment Journey

“Receive Your Divine Inheritance”


It is time to choose yourself and your SOVEREIGNTY.

In this embodiment journey you will be guided to call all parts of yourself home. To reclaim what has been lost and open to receive your divine inheritance.

Each of us inherits many qualities, attributes, beliefs, and stories from our lineage. Your DIVINE INHERITANCE arises from the recognition that your essence is divine, pure consciousness. That you are both divine and human in your Temple Body. That you are already whole and sovereign.

To fully embody your sovereignty and receive your divine inheritance, you are asked to look within and recognize your inner authority beyond all beliefs and stories. You are asked to no longer allow any external forces to sway you from what you know to be true for you.

Your presence is being requested NOW on the path of choosing yourself and your sovereignty. You already know the next steps. Now you must TRUST yourself fully to receive your divine inheritance and claim dominion over all aspects of your life.

I created this “Receive Your Divine Inheritance” Embodiment Dance Journey to support you in calling yourself home to your Temple Body and opening to receive the sovereign guidance of your inner knowing.


1. Call all parts of yourself home. As you begin this journey, consciously focus on calling all parts of yourself home. Where are you needing to call back your energy and presence to this moment?

2. Choose Yourself. Sovereignty at its core is an act of choosing yourself. I offer you the following daily invitation to support you in recognizing where, when, and how you are choosing yourself each day. You can use your journal or another system to track the ways that you are showing up and choosing yourself.

“How will I choose myself today?”

3. Turn inward and listen. It is easy to be swayed by others or to look outside of ourselves in search of validation, love, and acceptance. However, to live a life sovereign and whole, you must turn inward and listen to how you are being guided to show up in your life.

4. Align with your Inner Authority. As you turn inward and move during this practice, notice where in your Temple Body you most easily connect with your Inner Authority. Begin to dance with it and let yourself be fully guided into movement from there. Let a sense of trust form between you and your inner authority as you surrender to receive your divine inheritance.

5. Receive Your Divine Inheritance. Trust your path and receive that which is destined for you. Open your crown as you dance with your inner authority and let divine inspiration guide you. You are free to claim what is rightfully yours and to live in the remembrance that you are already whole!