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Temple Body arts Support & Resource List

As we go into deeper aspects of ourselves connected to our sexuality, unresolved traumas or experiences may surface in order to be healed. I strongly encourage you to work with a skilled practitioner, therapist, a psycho-spiritual or somatic guide to support you in moving through deep emotions. 

This sisterhood journey is not a replacement for therapy. I highly suggest having extra support to move through what may arise. Please check out this list and feel free to share your own resources that we can add to the list  

Please check the resource list for therapists if you do not already have somebody you work with. Look for practitioners that are comfortable discussing and working with sexuality and trauma. Online or in-person both have benefits.

Here are key search words to look for: 

  • Body-Based Approach
  • Dance Therapy/ 5Rhythms/Authentic Movement
  • Gestalt 
  • Hakomi
  • Integrative psychotherapy 
  • Transpersonal therapy 
  • Nature Therapy
  • Sex Therapists
  • Sexological Bodyworkers
  • Somatic Sex Educators
  • Somatic Therapist
  • Spiritual Counselors
  • Trauma-Informed Approach
  • Womb Whisperer 

Personal Recommendations:  This list will continue to grow

Phoenix Na Gig

Remembering the nature of our womb consciousness, Phoenix is part of the ushering in of a new paradigm of awakening feminine nature on the planet. 


Adriana Marchione

Adriana offers an effective art and somatic (mindfulness-based) therapy. She specializes in working with creative people, with a special focus on artists who struggle with addiction, trauma, and/or grief.


Eva Clay

Eva supports women to embrace desire, the erotic body, and see what’s possible in love and sexuality with elite coaching, workshops, and speaker events. 


Naia Leigh

Naia is a women’s empowerment coach, writer, and artist, and guides both the individual and collective process of women’s empowerment. 


Sophia Faria 

Sophia uses the principles of somatic sex education and tantra to support you with expanding pleasure and connection, learning about yourself and your body, and addressing sexual and relational challenges through a trauma-informed approach.