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Supportive Bonus Practices

Creating Your Schedule The Feminine Way

Gratitude Embodiment Dance Video

Experience this guided dance journey to connect with the fullness of the Mother/Lover and come into the feeling of gratitude in your body. Feel the choice you have in each moment to see through the lens of gratitude and recognize that everything in your life is happening for you.

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

Guided Transmission

Does your masculine trust your feminine? Does your feminine trust your masculine?

As we continue to explore the Sacred Marriage, and the symbiotic dance of the masculine and the feminine, we are weaving a new story. A story where the masculine and the feminine listen deeply to one another and all action arises from a place of trust.
The masculine serves to bring the formless into form. Like the banks of a river, the masculine provides the structure for the feminine to be fully expressed and flowing freely. One cannot exist without the other.
The masculine must take time to pause and listen to the wisdom of the feminine and trust what is being expressed. Then the masculine can take action that is aligned with the wisdom of the feminine. Here is where the symbiotic dance takes place, and trust is built as they continually weave together in a balanced way.
Using this guided transmission, “Balancing the Masculine and Feminine,”  I invite you to listen and discover where you are being called to cultivate more trust in the Sacred Marriage within. When you choose to listen and take action from this place of honoring your inner wisdom, you will find balance in the dance of the masculine and feminine.

Action Steps

1. Listen deeply. While the masculine must learn to pause and listen to the wisdom of the feminine, so must the feminine listen and acknowledge the actions of the masculine. As part of the new story you are weaving about the inner Sacred Marriage, make listening a key element of this new narrative.

2. Trust the masculine. As you tune into the masculine, listen to how you are being called to develop more trust with this aspect. The masculine is here to bring his presence, focus, protection, and pure consciousness to support the formless to come into form. Ask yourself…
“What structures need to be created in order for the feminine to be fully expressed?”
3. Trust the feminine. Without deeply listening to the wisdom of the feminine, all actions will be misguided or chaotic. The power of the feminine is found in her ability to envelop, birth, weave and receive the creative spark to guide the masculine. Developing a deep trust of the feminine is essential if the masculine is to be guided into right action. Ask yourself…
“Where am I not currently trusting my feminine? What do I need to establish more trust with the feminine within?”
4. Heal your lineage. As you rewrite the story of the Sacred Marriage, your lineage can support you in knowing what is required to bring balance to the masculine and feminine. We all carry the stories of our maternal and paternal lineages, and when we choose to heal and let go of the past, we can more fully birth the legacy we have been called to create. Ask yourself…
“Where in your lineage do you need to forgive, reconcile, heal, and let go?”
5. Rewrite the story. As you close with this practice, take some time to freely write about what it feels like to be living in full trust of your masculine and feminine. Dream into all you desire to create and how your masculine and feminine can dance together to support you. It is truly up to you in every moment to honor this dance. To balance this relationship by deeply listening and trusting the wisdom and guidance from within.

Sovereignty Embodiment Practice

Receive Your Divine Inheritance

I bow to you and your Sovereignty…and the knowing of your Divine Inheritance to choose this path, to choose yourself, to choose to invest in all that you are here to bring forth…To invest in all of the people you are here to serve.
And so, I offer you this beautiful 27-minute embodiment practice to anchor you into your Sovereignty and the power to choose yourself. Use this practice when you need to anchor back in, and return to it again and again…To know that you are the queen, to know that you have dominion over your domain.
I see you. I bow to you. I recognize that you are already whole and sovereign.
How will you continue to choose yourself daily?
This is the path of remembrance. This is the path of choosing yourself and living your YES.