Module Four – The Mother/Lover

VIDEO: Mother / Lover Transmission with Phoenix

Mother / Lover Daily Practices

Be with the Mother / Lover archetype each day this week.

– Reflect on the workbook questions in your daily journal.

– Set up your altar, carve out space and time.

– Commit daily to this week’s Mirror Practice to Heal with the Presence of Love and do the Womb Heart Meditation with the yoni egg a couple of times.

– Practice the Mother / Lover Mantra each day, when you want to feel full in yourself, reconnect with your essence and remember who you are.

– Create a Full Moon ritual and bathe your crystals under the moon.

Every moment is an opportunity to go deeper and connect with your inner lover.

VIDEO: Infinite Potentiality- Womb Heart Meditation 

Connect with the Mother / Lover through this potent Womb Heart Meditation. Enjoy this meditation created as an invitation to connect your yoni, womb and heart as one. Tap into your infinite potentiality where all of life can birth. You are welcome to follow along with or without your yoni egg.

Yoni Egg Awakening for the Mother / Lover & the Full Moon

Connect with your yoni egg in Mother / Lover with the full moon and summer energy. This is the perfect time to harness your sexual creative energy, circling earth energy up through yoni, womb and into heart to offer out into the world. Learn the power of being your own lover, knowing what turns you on what fills you up what brings you joy. Give Birth.

You are invited wear your yoni egg while listening to the transmission with Phoenix and/or for the Womb Heart Meditation and Mirror Practice detailed in this week’s workbook.

VIDEO: August 14 Sisterhood Call Recording

In this call of Birthing Sexual Sovereignty, we step into the Mother/Lover with the full moon. We sit and celebrate the fullness of who we are and share what has been amplified under the power of the moon.