Quan Yin

Daily Practices

Be with Quan Yin each day.


– Make your life a ritual. Create an altar dedicated to Quan Yin, find an object which represents her energy to add to your altar, perhaps include a rose quartz crystal.

– Complete the Quan Yin Video and listen to the Quan Yin Meditation.

– Complete the practices in the workbook: Write a letter of forgiveness and create a Water Prayer.

– Practice the Mudra Mantra when you need more self-acceptance and compassion.

– To go deeper read the Quan Yin chapter in The Sophia Code book by Kaia Ra and watch the interview with Kaia Ra and myself from International Temple Body Day at the bottom of this page.

Answer the Reflection Questions in your journal and connect with the Sisterhood and Queen’s Chamber.


In this guided meditation, you are invited to take the throne on a white lotus, and embrace your inner child as you transmute pain with Quan Yin’s crystalline healing salve. Option to use the Yoni Egg.

Listen to the Quan Yin Meditation HERE


Quan Yin Video

In this movement video, you are guided to connect with Quan Yin’s soothing energy in this dance of self-love. Seal in this dance with the triple flame of transmutation mudra.


Quan Yin Call Recording – March 11

In this powerful Quan Yin Call I guide you through a Water Ritual Meditation and through infusing the water we drink with Compassion, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love of the Mother. Tune in for mentorship on current times, forgiveness, acceptance, trust as well as for any questions for The Initiation retreat. 

Global Mentorship Bonus Call March 16th

In this bonus call, Sofiah speaks on how we can connect into a space of trust and an opportunity to find purpose during this time.

We tune in to what we value, what we believe in and what we are here to share.

Using the space and the time to share while we isolate.

Watch this Bonus Interview with Kaia Ra from International Temple Body Day – As We Speak on Divine Innocence