Authentic Expression

Have you dimmed the light of your RADIANCE by being hushed, being what others want you to be, being an image that you think you should be?

Do you ever think to yourself…”I feel as though I am living a double life”?

Do you believe that your voice matters?

I am here to tell you that it does. Your voice matters, sister. Your voice, your expression, matters so much that this pillar of Radiance is dedicated to guiding you down your own unique path to your true…


This theme begins with understanding where we are currently not expressing ourselves or not being true to ourselves in our expressions. What is in your channel right now that you are blocking? What are you expressing right now that is NOT YOU, that is fabricated?
It is time to clear the channel, and cut away that which is not you…Because, sister, the cost of not being Authentically Expressed is too high. When we do not express ourselves authentically, we do not call in our true desires, and we often feel stuck between the life we lead on the outside and the life of our dreams within.

Authentic Expression Practices

 – New Moon Call Replay –


lesson 1

When you commit to showing up authentically expressed, you strengthen the most important relationship in your life…

The one you have with yourself and the divine creative spark within you.

To nurture our authentic expression, though, you have to be willing to drop the masks, roles, and identities that keep you hidden and possibly trapped in patterns, behaviors, and actions that are inauthentic. We live in a world and a society that tells us who we need to be and what we need to do to be loved, accepted, and successful. It takes a lot of courage to actually step away from that and listen entirely your inner guidance. To find your authentic way of showing up in the world.

Throughout this pillar, I want to challenge you to find your authentic way of nurturing your creative spark and how you are being guided to show up in life. Every one of us has a different way of nurturing our creative spark and authentically expressing who we are. Below you will find details on a tracking practice that I Invite you to work with to support you in identifying where in your life you might be moving inauthentically and what you need to realign with your authentic expression.

Tune into this new moon call to get inspired guidance on how to drop the masks and begin living authentically!

Use the timestamps below to guide you through this powerful call we had together.

1:22 – Welcome
4:00 – Movement Practice 
8:00 – Authentic Expression Discussion
14:52 – Expressing Your Gifts
30:16 – Tracking Practice
35:36 – New Moon Guest Mayra Stark
40:00 – Showing up Authentically Online

Tracking Practice

Throughout working with this pillar, I invite you to track the moments when you feel out of alignment with your authenticity. Use your journal and the prompts below to help you begin to track the times that you are inauthentic, feel as though you are holding back, where you might be wearing masks or where you are holding on to old identities and roles. The more you observe these moments and identify where you are not showing up authentically, the easier it becomes to know what you need to stay aligned with your authentic expression. Remember to be gentle with yourself through this tracking process and maintain an open heart and mind as you get to know yourself more deeply.

– How will I nurture my authentic expression every day?

– What do I need to feel safe to express myself authentically?

– Where in my life am I currently being inauthentic?

– What masks am I wearing, and what do I need to drop the masks?

– Are the people in my life supportive of my authentic expression?

– embodiment practice –


lesson 2

It is time to bring your wild, unapologetic, and authentic expression into the world! It is time to honor your creative impulses and live your life in your own authentic way!

This is an invitation to drop the masks and free yourself of any old identities and roles that are holding you back from expressing the fullness of who you are. It is an invitation to clear your channel and remove anything that does not belong to you, including the belief that you have to be any other thing than YOU… radiant, unapologetically expressed YOU.

We have been conditioned to hide. We have been made to fear what lives underneath the masks we have been wearing. But we KNOW there is more. We know there is more that is just waiting to be expressed.

To embody your full authentic expression, you must be devoted to clearing away what does not belong to you in order to see what is truly desiring to be expressed. You must be willing to empty out for your essence to be revealed.

I created a powerful embodiment practice that will support you to “Clear Your Channel to Express Your Essence.” I invite you as you tune into this practice to listen to your inner compass and find your own unique rhythm of being, moving, and expressing. My presence and movement are meant to be a guide for you to drop into your own knowing of how your authentic essence desires to be expressed.


Continue your tracking practice of observing the moments when you notice you are both authentic and inauthentic in your expression. The action steps and inquiry below can be used to continue to guide this practice and increase your awareness. Remember, there is no one you have to be other than yourself.

1. Create a clearing ritual with this practice. Gather some sage, palo santo, incense, or another tool to clear the energy in your space and your body. Do this while stating your intention to clear your channel and receive clarity on what is wanting to be revealed and expressed.

2. Practice Energetic Brushing. Take your hands and wipe away all the energy of other people from your body. You can do this any time you feel your channel is being blocked by other people’s frequency.
What do you notice shifts in your channel when you consciously clear your energetic body?

3. Trust your own inner compass. Allow yourself to explore and follow your impulses. Authentic expression requires us to be sourced from within. We must be willing to trust our intuitive impulses and act on them. During this embodiment journey, allow yourself to surrender and trust how you are being guided to move.
How are you being guided to authentically express yourself?
Where are you not trusting yourself completely?

4. Drop the masks. Authentic expression isn’t always pretty. Drop the belief that it has to look a certain way. Let go and let the authentic, vulnerable you be revealed.
Where are you still hiding?
What are you holding onto that is preventing you from expressing your wild, unapologetic self?

5. Ask to receive clarity. As you clear your channel, ask to receive clarity on how your essence wants to be expressed. Offer up what no longer serves to Spirit so that the divine creative spark within can be seen and expressed.
What part of you is desiring to be revealed and expressed to come more fully into your radiance?
Remember, every day is an opportunity to embody your wild, unapologetic expression and to show up aligned in your authentic essence.

– mirror practice –


lesson 3

We often create masks because somewhere within our mind and body, we believe we have to be something other than what we are. We believe we need to hide, shift or diminish our authentic selves in order to fit in and be loved and accepted. Over time the masks may build up, and we may feel frustrated, disconnected, misunderstood, or even angry because we know our authentic truth is not being seen or expressed.

Underneath the masks you wear, lives your raw, unfiltered, authentic expression. Beneath the beliefs that you are not loved and accepted for who you are lives a wild woman ready to roar, a radiant goddess ready to seduce the world with her heart’s song, a sovereign leader ready to take the reigns of her life and live unapologetically.

This practice is a powerful one that invites you to drop the masks you are wearing in order to see and express your raw, unfiltered, authentic expression. When we truly see ourselves, we are able to integrate all aspects of ourselves more completely and find greater confidence in our authentic expression.


1. Create a sacred safe space. Find a space and time where you will be undisturbed with access to a mirror. Use sage, palo santo, or any other cleansing tools to clear your physical space of any energies that do not align with or support your full authentic expression.

2. Close your eyes, breathe, root down and connect with your raw, primal essence. Turn inward, scanning your body for the place within you that your raw, primal essence lives. Take a moment, eyes closed, to connect deeply with this energy, rooting down through your yoni portal and feeling the strength and support of Mama Gaia.

3. Identify the masks. With a strong connection to your raw, primal essence, begin a dialog with it. Ask to be shown where in your life you may be hiding and what masks you may be wearing that are keeping you from living your full authentic expression.

4. Open your eyes and hold your gaze. When you are aware of the masks, open your eyes and look in the mirror. Notice how you are holding yourself. Notice what feelings and thoughts arise as you gaze at yourself. Notice where you may be holding back and what is wanting to be revealed. Ask yourself…

“What aspect of myself is desiring to be seen and witnessed that is hiding underneath these masks?”

5. Drop the masks. Maintaining connection to both your raw, primal essence and the awareness of what desires to be seen and expressed, begin to remove the masks. You can do this by speaking out loud, voicing or sounding, touching your face to clear the masks, moving however you are guided to, or shaking the body as you visualize the masks falling away in the mirror.

6. Let yourself be seen. As you stand in front of the mirror, after having dropped the masks, take a moment to see yourself. Raw, unfiltered, and free of any masks. Take in the fullness of who you are when you are free from the masks.

7. Reflect on what you see. Grab the journal you have been using for tracking throughout this month and spend a few moments reflecting on what you noticed in this practice. How can you integrate what you have seen and expressed to show up more authentically? If you feel called, share your reflections in the Facebook Group.


If you are wanting to dive deeper into the practice of dropping the masks, I invite you to check out the book “Maps To Ecstasy” by Gabrielle Roth. She is the founder of a movement called 5 Rhythms that is a foundational part of the Temple Body Arts teachings and practices. My original mentorship in 5 Rhythms over 20 years ago taught me how art and expression can be a path for healing and integrating all aspects of ourselves in order to live more fully expressed and whole. I highly recommend this book for deeper study around these topics.

– Authentic Expression playlist & ritual –


lesson 4

Your authentic expression is like a magnet for all that you desire to experience and create in your life. The choice to remove the masks, to let go of all the beliefs, roles, and “shoulds” is how you fully step into the radiant leader you were born to be.

Let your authentic expression be your guide.

Let it inform how your desires wish to be expressed and manifest.

I see you, sister!

You are unstoppable when you embody your full radiance.

For this practice, I created this “Embody Your Authenticity” playlist to support you in embodying your authentic expression. Turn to this playlist anytime you need support connecting to your authenticity and tuning into YOUR WAY of showing up in the world.


1. Adorn yourself in alignment to your authentic expression. Before you tune into the playlist, take a moment for an adornment ritual. Choose clothing (or maybe no clothing!), jewelry, makeup, props, or anything else to adorn yourself with. Use this action to express YOU, free from hiding behind any of the masks you have dropped.

2. Unleash your authentic expression. As you tune into this practice, allow yourself to move in whatever way your Temple Body desires. There is no right or wrong way to show up authentically. Be guided from deep within and trust your innate wisdom.

3. Track what it feels like to embody your authentic expression. Continue the tracking that we have done throughout this month by noticing what it feels like and what comes up for you when you unleash and embody your authentic expression.

What does being embodied in your authenticity feel like for you?

How can you integrate this awareness into your day-to-day going forward?

4. Celebrate your authentic expression. After you have adorned yourself and danced, return to the mirror work we did in the last practice witnessing yourself in your full authentic expression. Celebrate and thank yourself for the courage you have shown this past month to drop the masks and live authentically. Drink in your essence and expression.

– full moon ritual for Authentic Expression-


lesson 5

There is nothing holding you back from showing up in your Authentic Expression!

You get to decide what it looks and feels like to be fully expressed as your authentic self. You get to choose to drop the masks and celebrate your authentic essence.

Under the light of the full moon, I created a fire ritual to support you in releasing all that you discovered has been holding you back from expressing yourself authentically – all the masks, the roles, and identities that no longer serve you.

Immerse yourself in the supportive energy of this Full Moon Fire Ritual to burn it all away and recommit to showing up authentically in all areas of your life.


Before you begin this ritual, I invite you to gather your journal, your sacred objects, and a piece of paper. If you can have a fire safely, then prepare a fire. If not, a candle will work just as well.

1. Create sacred space. Settle into your space and prepare for some reflection. Have your journal and piece of paper nearby. Holding your intention for this ritual, light a fire or your candle to symbolize your readiness to burn away all that is inauthentic about your expression. 

2. Reflect where you are not showing up authentically in your life. Identify what you are ready to burn away so that more of your authentic presence will be seen.

3. Burn away all that is inauthentic. Take your piece of paper and write down all that you are ready to throw into the fire to burn away. Make this action about releasing what no longer serves and dropping the masks in order to step into your full authentic expression. When you are done, throw this paper into the fire, if you can. If you do not have a safe way to burn this paper, you can bury it or find another symbolic way to let it go.

4. Recommit to showing up authentically in all areas of your life. After you burn away all that is inauthentic, make a declaration of your commitment to now show up authentically in your life. Let this be a powerful statement you speak out loud using your voice or put on a song from the “Embody Your Authentic Expression” playlist to seal it in with movement.

5. Offer gratitude and thanks. Close this ritual by thanking your authentic self for being present through the journey this month. Thank yourself for having the courage to name where you had been showing up inauthentically and your choice to commit to your authentic expression.

– New Moon Ritual –


lesson 6

It’s time to connect with your authentic voice!

As women, we often received messages that may have caused us to silence our voices. “You’re too much.” “Good girls should be seen and not heard.” These types of messages all contribute to not trusting our authentic voice and even create a fear of speaking our truth or stating our needs and desires. This is why it is essential to clear your channel with the support of the practices found throughout this pillar.

Use this New Moon Ritual to connect with your authentic voice and set an intention for how you will express your authentic voice over the next moon cycle.


1. Clear your channel. Use whatever tools resonated from the practices in this pillar the embodiment practice this week to clear your channel and create sacred space to connect with your authentic voice. Use sage, palo santo, or energetic brushing to clear away all energies that do not belong to you. Visualize your channel clear and filled with flowing radiant white light.

2. Tune into your channel. With your journal nearby, close your eyes for a moment, turn inward and listen. Ask yourself the following questions: “What does my authentic voice have to say? What does it look and feel like? Where do I feel it in my body?” As you stay in a space of deep listening, grab your journal and write what you hear. Do not censor anything. Allow whatever arises to be expressed.

3. Express your authentic voice. When you have tuned into the channel of your authentic voice, invite it to be expressed in any way that feels aligned. Sounding, singing, or chanting can be powerful ways to liberate your authentic voice, as well as written and spoken word. Focus on how your voice wants to be expressed when your mind, body and spirit are aligned. Remember this isn’t about being pretty or perfect. Allow your voice to flow as it desires.

4. Plant the seeds of your authentic voice. Reflecting on what came through from the steps above, set an intention for how you are going to nurture and create space for your authentic voice to be heard daily. You can even set an intention for each area of your life, such as in your business, relationships, or community, where you want to show up more authentically. Continue the tracking practice by noticing how aligned you stay with your intention to show up and share your authentic voice.

5. Close with gratitude. Thank yourself for having the courage to listen deeply to your authentic voice and being willing to express it fully. With a hand on your heart and one on the place in your body where you connect with your authentic voice, send yourself love and gratitude.