Welcome to this month’s Radiance course, a journey of

We are being called at this time to be the light. To show up fully in devotion to something greater than ourselves. To do that, we must keep our inner flame lit. We must fan the flames of our inner radiance and open our Temple Bodies to the spark of the divine creative spirit.

Remember why you are here…

To be the light.
To live in devotion to the expression of your essence and the serving of your gifts.

Throughout this month of Devotion, you will receive a weekly journal to record your journey of weaving your spiritual path, creativity, sexuality, and being of service on your path of devotion.


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November 1

Lesson 1

Daily Devotion Journal: Spirituality + Devotion Sound Transmission

November 4

Lesson 2

Devotion Guest Call with Anya Devi
12:00PM – 1:00PM PST

Plus Guest Call Replay

November 8

Lesson 3

Daily Devotion Journal: Creativity

November 15

Lesson 4

Daily Devotion Journal: Sexuality + Meditation

November 16

Lesson 5

Live Call & Sister Sharing Circle with Sofiah Thom

12:00 – 1:15 pm PST

“The Dance of Devotion + Live Call Replay”

November 19

Lesson 6

“Declaration of Devotion”
Full Moon Ritual + BONUS “Dance of Devotion” Playlist

November 22

Lesson 7


Daily Devotion Journal: Service


Devotion Practices

 – daily devotion journal: spirituality –


lesson 1A

We begin this journey with devotion by first tuning into our Spiritual path.

We are being called at this time to be the light and recognize that we are divinely guided in every moment. To be on the path of spiritual devotion requires that we show up fully in devotion to something bigger. To do that, we must fan the flames of our inner radiance and open our Temple Bodies to the spark of the divine creative spirit.


1. Download the Week One Devotion Journal. Explore the daily prompts to support you on your spiritual path.

2. Tune in to the 22-minute guided sound transmission (below) to align with devotion. Allow this transmission to fill you with infinite love and ignite your inner flame of devotion.

3. Listen deeply to the whispers of your soul. Open and allow for the divine mystery to reveal herself. Feel your higher self guiding you and reminding you what you are devoted to.

4. Surrender the mind and empty out. As you listen, surrender to the infinite love within. Offer up all the old stories and beliefs that might be standing in your way. Empty out entirely so you can be filled with the divine creative spirit.
In the moment of surrender, ask yourself…
“What am I devoted to?”

5. Share Your Devotion in the Radiance Sisterhood. Open to receive the love and support of sisterhood as you embody your path of devotion. Share what you are devoted to and inspire each other on this journey of devotion.

– devotion sound transmission –


lesson 1B

For this Devotion practice, I invite you to be held in this guided sound transmission as you connect to the infinite love and potential within. Do this practice before beginning your Daily Devotion Journal.


– Guest Call Replay –

“Embodied Devotion”

lesson 2

Tune into this call to receive a guided meditation and visualization to go deeper into the essence of your devotion. Receive inspiration from your sisters divine reflections.

0:01 Dancing

1:23 Welcome and beginning meditation

40:36 Goddess prayer

45:28 Guided visualization + journaling

51:28 Sister shares

56:56 Closing meditation

– daily devotion journal: creativity –


lesson 3

This week on our journey, we will devote ourselves to Creativity!

Each one of us has a unique creative process, a way in which we connect with Divine Creative Spirit that allows for our full radiance to be expressed…

By emptying out and becoming a vessel for Divine Creative Spirit to flow through, you open your unique pathway to expression. Even if you don’t know what to create, you must devote some physical space and time for creative inspiration to come through.

Devotion to anything requires commitment, focus, and intention. Nurturing your creative spark and fanning your inner flame is no exception. Remember, your entire life is a creative process. We are all artists co-creating with the divine in every moment.

This week, explore your own creative process and recognize every moment is an opportunity to live as the artist you were born to be. Use this week’s Devotion Journal to hold you accountable for what you desire to create in your life.


1. Nurture Your Creative Spark. Consciously choose to engage in activities this week that nurture your creativity. Maybe your creativity comes through gardening, cooking, beautifying your space, making love, your career, or parenting. There are infinite possibilities for creating. Indulge in what feels nurturing to you.

2. Empty Out. You must clear your channel and remove all limitations and obstacles that block your connection to Divine Creative Spirit. Prioritize practices this week like dance, time in nature, singing, etc., that ignite your inner creative spark and open you to infinite possibilities.

3. Shift Your State. Part of nurturing your creativity will involve choosing to align with your creative expression even when voices of doubt or fear creeps in. It is up to you to shift your state and realign your thoughts and actions with what you desire to create in your life.

4. Live Artfully. Your life is a canvas upon which the expression of the divine flowing through you is revealed. In every moment you are creating. This week see your life as a giant canvas where you get to express your radiance for the world to see. Pay attention to how you most enjoy showing up and creating

– daily devotion journal: sexuality –


lesson 4A

As our journey of Devotion continues, it is time to awaken the power of our sexuality.

Your feminine power is the source of your vitality and radiance. When you connect to your yoni and womb, you are giving yourself permission to explore your inner sexual priestess. You are opening up to pleasure as a pathway of awakening.

The sexual priestess has long been misunderstood. We have been conditioned to fear her raw, primal power. When you devote yourself to saying YES to your feminine sexual energy, you give yourself permission to embody and express your full radiance.

For this week’s Devotion practice, I invite you to awaken the sexual priestess within you and tune into your feminine power with a new Daily Devotion Journal and special chakra meditation (below).

– meditation –


lesson 4B


This chakra meditation is an advanced practice. It comes from the Temple Body Arts Certification Program for Embodied Feminine Leaders, where we journey deep into what it means to be a modern-day priestess, connected to her full feminine power and unique gifts.

Please enjoy this exclusive little taste of the deep work that comes during the Certification Program, in the spirit of devotion and learning to embody the sexual priestess within.


1. Tune into the 25-minute Sound Chakra Meditation to Awaken The Sexual Priestess. Carve out space this week to drop into this powerful meditation. Do this practice naked in front of the mirror if it feels aligned.

2. Say YES to your feminine power. As you work with the Devotion journal this week, notice what stories or beliefs you hold that prevent you from saying YES to your feminine power. Rewrite the stories and beliefs to ones where you own your feminine power.

3. Connect with your sound. Empower your voice and awaken your sexual creative energy through the power of sound. Connect with the Bija mantras during the mediation and use them in your practice this week when you need to activate and empower yourself.

4. Connect with your yoni and womb. Listen to the innate wisdom held within your yoni and womb and be guided into owning new aspects of your sexuality. Ask to be shown how you can open to living from a place of empowered pleasure.

5. Explore and permit yourself to own your Sexual Priestess. Imagine the Sexual Priestess living in your Temple Body. Explore and give her permission to express herself. What does she want to tell you? What messages and invitations does she have for you? In what ways does she want to be expressed in your life

– LIVE Call Replay –

“The Dance of Devotion”

lesson 5

Watch the replay to hear more on the “Dance of Devotion”, where I also covered the importance of listening within to how you are being called to be of service and having courage to take aligned action.

Use the timestamps below to dive in!

0:00 Welcome and sharing what’s alive

9:35 Guided Dance of Devotion

42:29 Journaling and sharing what was received through the dance

51:56 Speaking into living from a space of Devotion. Listening deeply and trusting in how we are being guided to let go of things and how we are being called to show up and serve something bigger than ourselves.

56:58 Sharing about Radiance closure and moving forward together in sisterhood.

1:12:13 Sister shares

1:27:51 Closing

– Full Moon Ritual + BONUS “Dance of Devotion” Playlist –

“Declaration of Devotion” 

lesson 6


How are you living in DEVOTION to the Divine through your Spirituality, Creativity, and Sexuality?

Throughout this month, we have been exploring these different pathways of Devotion… Spirituality, Creativity, Sexuality, and next week we will explore being of Service. For our full moon ritual this month we will weave what we have explored into a Declaration of Devotion. 

Under the power of this full moon, I invite you to reflect on all the pathways of Devotion we have journeyed through thus far and how you are showing up in devotion to yourself and the world you desire to create. Recognize how all of these different pathways open a direct connection to the Divine and to your radiance, offering you guidance in each moment. 

For our full moon Devotion practice, I created this Declaration of Devotion Full Moon Ritual. Carve out some time with this full moon to declare what you are devoted to and dance it into being with this BONUS “Dance of Devotion” Playlist.



1. Prepare your Temple Body. Before you begin this ritual, devote some time to cleansing and adorning your Temple Body. Take a luxurious bath or shower, apply your favorite oils and lotions, and adorn yourself with all the things that bring out your radiance.

2. Create your sacred space. Choose a place where you will not be disturbed and create a sacred space to carry out this ritual. Engage your creativity and spirituality to create this space. It can be as simple as lighting a candle or as elaborate as you desire. 

3. Reflect on the pathways of Devotion. Once you are adorned and enveloped in your sacred space, take a few deep breaths in stillness. As you bring your full presence to this ritual, start to tune into each of the pathways of Devotion we journeyed through this month. Make a note of what you have learned or discovered you are devoted to on each of these pathways.

4. Declare your Devotion. With all these pathways in mind, heart, and womb, create your Declaration of Devotion. Weave all the pathways together into your declaration. 

I (your name) devote myself to…

5. Dance your Devotion. Choose a song that inspires your devotion and dance and speak your Declaration of Devotion. Check out the BONUS playlist Dance of Devotion if you need inspiration.

6. Embody your Devotion. Find a gesture or mudra from your dance that embodies your devotion. Mudras or specific body postures are a powerful way to seal in our intentions. In this case, you will create a mudra to seal in your Declaration of Devotion, which can serve as an anchor to what you are devoted to. Remember this gesture and return to it anytime you need a full-body reminder of your devotion. 

7. Offer Gratitude. To close this ritual, offer gratitude to yourself, your guides, and to all that you are devoted to. Embody your mudra as you do so and finish this ritual aligned on all pathways with what you are devoted to. 

– daily devotion journal: service –


lesson 7

For the final week of our Devotion theme, let’s explore what it means to be of SERVICE.

We are in service to the divine.

In every moment, with every action, you have the opportunity to be of service. When you choose to show up in the world in Devotion to what you value and the kind of world you want to live in…

You are in service to the divine.

However, we can easily forget what we came here to serve as we go about our daily lives. Swirling about in the minutia of modern life, we can forget that we have come here to serve something much greater than ourselves.

Through the act of devoting ourselves to something greater, we can live in purpose and in service to the divine in every moment of our day.

Remember, each of us is here to serve our own unique way with the gifts bestowed upon us at conception. Being in service to the divine means something different to each of us and is expressed in a way that only we can know for ourselves. And it is not only through the giving of our time or money that we can be in service. When we align our work and our purpose in service to the divine, we create prosperity that can then be cycled back into our families and communities to serve even more.

For this week’s Devotion practice, I invite you to explore the unique ways you choose to show up in service to the divine with this new Daily Devotion Journal.


1. Be guided in service to the divine with the Daily Devotion Journal. Use this week’s journal to deepen your connection to service and to be guided toward service from a place of Devotion.

2. Clear your channel. To show up in service, you must keep your channel clear. You are a channel for divine creative spirit. Continually return to the tools and practices that support you in staying aligned with the divine.

3. Come back to the present moment. Get out of your own way and return to the present moment. When you bring your full power and presence to the moment, you receive clear guidance to align yourself with. It is easy to get lost in our day to day and forget we are here to serve something greater than ourselves. When you feel overwhelmed, let your presence and power guide you back to how you can serve the present moment.

4. Identify the unique ways you are here to be of service. Each of us came here to serve in our own unique way. There are infinite expressions of service, all of which are needed in the world. Take notice of the way you are here to be in service. As a mother, lover, partner, business owner, leader, or volunteer. Or perhaps simply through your words, actions, and presence throughout the day.

5. Reflect on all aspects of Devotion. As we close this month of Devotion, reflect on how you are devoted to your spirituality, creativity, and sexuality and identify the ways these aspects of devotion influence and impact the way you show up in service of the divine. Begin with reflecting on spirituality, your direct connection to the divine. What have you learned about how you are here in service of the divine.