As we transition into a new month and new coursework, I invite you to keep the vibration of Self-Love still abundantly present in your life…

It is the building block for so much of this deep work, and we will revisit it often throughout our journey!

This month we will begin to explore together a very important and relevant theme for the current times…


Discernment SCHEDULE

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July 5

Lesson 1

“Embodying Discernment”
Embodiment Practice

July 9

Lesson 2

“Turning Challenges into Initiations”
New Moon Ritual

July 12

Lesson 3

“Protected By Your Own Power”
Guided Singing Bowl Meditation

July 20

Live Call with Sofiah Thom

12-1:15 pm PT

“Harnessing the Power of No”

July 21

Lesson 4

Harnessing the Power of No
LIVE Call Replay

July 23

Lesson 5

Turning Dis-Empowerment Into Action”
Full Moon Ritual

July 26

Lesson 6

“The Sword of Discernment
Guided Meditation

July 27


“Cultivating Discernment”

Guest Call with Temple Body Ambassador, Melissa Robin and Csia Ra

Discernment Practices

– intro to discernment –


lesson 1

Discernment is our ability to listen and act from a place of personal alignment and clarity.

When we embody discernment, we find it easier to find and express our clear YES and our strong NO. For many of us, we have learned to be in a pattern of over-give. We can take on too many things and have a hard time speaking up with our NO.

A strong YES and a strong NO come from within. In this first week, we will practice feeling them in our bodies. 

Discernment is our ability to listen and act from a place of personal alignment and clarity.

When we embody discernment, we find it easier to find and express our clear YES and our strong NO. For many of us, we have learned to be in a pattern of over-give. We can take on too many things and have a hard time speaking up with our NO.

A strong YES and a strong NO come from within. In this first week, we will practice feeling them in our bodies. 

Your Discernment is one of the most powerful tools you can cultivate in life. I encourage you to LISTEN deeply to the sensations in your body as you develop this tool.

*In these embodiment videos, please honor your body by making any necessary modifications to support you.


– Take 10 minutes to journal with the following prompt: 

Where are you being called to take action to bring your life in alignment with your highest YES?

– Repeat this mantra daily and in moments of questioning:

“I listen to my body and take action aligned with my highest YES.”


new moon ritual for discernment


lesson 2

I’m so excited to share this powerful New Moon ritual with you! With every New Moon, we have an opportunity to begin again.

I invite you in this New Moon Ritual to tune into your discernment and celebrate how far you have already come.

Turning Challenges into Initiations: Ritual

Time: 20-30 minutes  |  Items Needed:  Journal & Pen


Create Space. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Take 5 minutes to center yourself, let go of your day, and enter the present moment. Connect with your breath.


Tune In. Begin to reflect on all you have created in your life so far. Think about the challenges in your life where you could have used more discernment. Think about the initiations that have helped shape who you are today. Allow yourself to feel into where you were tuned in to your YES or NO and where you were not.


Write. When you are ready, take 5 minutes to write a stream of consciousness as you reflect on the following…

– “What was happening within and without that caused me to make the choices I made?”

– “How can I better use my discernment moving forward?”

– “Where can I celebrate myself for using my sacred YES and NO?”


Align. From this last reflection, choose 1-3 words to align with every day during this new moon cycle. Let these words serve as guides to using your discernment to create the life you desire.


Celebrate. Close this ritual by honoring how far you have come and celebrate yourself for all the challenges and initiations you have already walked through. Bless and release all that has come before and choose to begin again.


– guided singing bowl meditation for discernment –


lesson 3 


This week I’m sharing something that is edgy and vulnerable.

Playing my singing bowls, singing, and bringing through my soul language is an important piece of embodying my personal spiritual practice. It’s a vulnerable space for me.

But this is part of what it means to be an embodied feminine leader; showing up as our Real Self, and pushing through the fears of judgement, exclusion, or “not being right” for everybody. 

The RADIANCE Facebook Group has already shown itself to be a safe space to show up as you are, and if I want to keep inviting this vulnerability from you, I have to be willing to do the same!

So this week, I offer you this Protection Practice, with my singing bowls, voice, and channeled soul language to support you aligning with your truth, your power, and your highest YES.

Listen to this guided visualization practice to help you come into the safety of your own being, and connect to your highest YES.


  1. Take 10 minutes after this practice to journal with the following prompt:

 How am I showing up as my Real Self, how am I pushing myself through the fears of judgement?

2. Repeat this mantra daily and in moments of questioning:

  “I align with the highest frequency of love. Nothing can touch me but love.”


 If you have a quartz crystal of any color hold it for the practice.



 In this meditation, we explore the chakras– the main energy points of our body. 

If you would like more information about the chakras and how we use them in Temple Body Arts, you can access this PDF:

Temple Body Arts Sacred Tools: Chakra Map >



– Live Call Replay –

“Harnessing the Power of No”

lesson 4

Watch the replay to receive a powerful transmission around the theme of Discernment and a LIVE Q&A!

Use the timestamps below to dive in!


1:00 – Welcome + Dancing

6:26 – Speaking into Discernment

55:26 – Sister Shares

1:08:52 – Closing

 – full moon ritual for discernment –


lesson 5

Full Moon Eclipse aligned with Independence Day in the United States… a time to align with our true sovereignty. 

It is time to be open to seeing what needs to be acknowledged, integrated and healed.

I am feeling the timely potency of consciously acknowledging our lineage and recognizing we are the ancestors of the future… It is our time to take action. We are being called to show up, speak up, and dismantle the old systems that prevent true sovereignty for all of humanity.

For our Discernment Full Moon Ritual, we will be honoring our ancestors and Mama Gaia as we align our energies to take action under the next moon cycle…

Turning Dis-empowerment into Action: Ritual

Time: 20-30 minutes  |  Items Needed:  Sacred Objects, Journal & Pen

1. Gather your favorite sacred objects, momentos, photos, and crystals to bring with you for this ritual. Bring a journal as well as tea or water to keep with you.

2. Find a private place where you can be in nature. If you live in a city, create a small corner in your home full of natural elements like plants, fresh air, earth, water, etc. Take 5 minutes in silence, showing your reverence for all that came before your time here on earth. 

3. Create a small altar. Place your sacred objects around you to charge under the night sky and Full Moon. Feel your body as a vessel of love between the Earth, Moon and stars.

4. Call the names of your ancestors and spirit guides, seen and unseen, inviting them to be present with you. Recognize that your ancestors walked their path in order to clear the way for you to be here at this current time, sharing your presence and support of the new paradigm ways that are desiring to come through.

5. Reflect and journal. As you honor your ancestors and feel their strength channeling through you, ask yourself: “Where have I been dis-empowered or complacent with in my present life?” 

Write in your journal, answering the following prompt:“What limiting tendencies do I want to release under the power of this Full Moon?

6. Create a personal vow. With your energy cleared and with the support of your ancestors, ask yourself, how are you now ready to show up fully for them, for yourself, and for future generations?

If you feel called, share your vow, or anything that arises for you during this ritual in our Temple Body RADIANCE Facebook Group.


– guided meditation for discernment –


lesson 6 


This week, I created a very special guided meditation to support you in using you use your sword of discernment to align with your RADIANCE.

 It is up to you how you choose to respond to life.

With every breath, you have the opportunity to begin again. To align yourself with the divine creative life force moving within you.

And to choose to show up in your FULL RADIANCE.

By taking aim toward our desires and aligning our words and actions we can create a structure that supports who we are becoming. 


1. Take up space. Claim your space as a sovereign creator. Remember you belong here.

2. Return to your breath. Root down and breathe in the support of Mama Gaia. Connect with the frequency of love moving through you.

3. Listen deeply. Tune into your inner wisdom and use your sword of discernment to create the life you desire.

4. Embody the masculine. Become aware of the structures and forms necessary to birth your gifts into the world.

5. Embrace the feminine. Recognize your capacity to give birth to and create all that you desire.


– Bonus Guest Call –

“Cultivating Discernment” with Melissa Robin & Csia Ra!



Tune into this BONUS guest call replay to receive sisterhood support, conversation, and helpful practices around the theme of Discernment!

Use the timestamps below to dive in!

1:40 – Welcome & introduction

3:24Sharing a Quote About Discernment

5:00 – Speaking into Cultivating Discernment

49:25 – Sharing a Discernment Practice

54:38 – Sister Shares

1:04:07 – Closing

“My Discernment Contract” Practice


After watching this potent conversation, you’re invited to create a Contract… with yourself! For those moments when you are tested, when your boundaries are encroached on, when you feel wobbly, or when you feel you’ve given your power away.

1. Reflect on a time when you FELT DISCERNING. When you were able to access a clear YES or clear NO and communicate it.

2. Connect to that FEELING again, of what it felt like in that space of discerning clarity.

3. From this call and your own inner inspiration, write a contract of statements/affirmations for yourself, of what you promise to do next time you are tested. Start your contract, if you feel called, with the statement. “I STATE MY NEEDS.”

4. Once you feel complete, take a breath. Re-read your contract with power and conviction.

5. Then, sign it (with a flourish!) and keep it somewhere you will remember to reach for when you have a moment of faltering. Remember: you are held in your own power, needs, and truth.

6. If you feel called, SHARE your Contract for Discernment in our Radiance Sisterhood! You sharing and standing in your power can inspire others to find theirs.