Divine Purpose

Sister, It is time to discover your Divine Purpose!

To discover your purpose, you don’t have to go searching outside of yourself. You must only create the space within…

And the time is now. The invitation is here.

We discover our unique Divine Purpose by creating the space that allows us to recognize our own gifts that we are here to bring forth and offer to the world. In this space, you can discover your Divine Purpose through embodiment, discernment, and reflecting on the moments in your life when you felt the most ALIVE.

Divine Purpose Practices



lesson 1

Welcome to this journey of discovering your DIVINE PURPOSE.

There is no mistake that you are here at this time. You are being called to show up in your own unique way and awaken the divine codes living within your Temple Body.

Knowing your Divine Purpose doesn’t come from figuring it out in your head. It comes from slowing down and embracing the stillness. It comes from turning inward and listening to the whispers of your womb. It is through the deep knowing inside of your womb space that your Divine Purpose is revealed.

The womb of creation holds the key to your Divine Purpose. So, get out of the head, tune into your Temple Body, and LISTEN.

It takes courage to live on purpose. It requires us to slow down, listen, and trust the innate wisdom we carry. It asks us to evaluate where we give our precious time, energy, and resources and to make the necessary shifts in our life to come into alignment with our Divine Purpose.

Make a note; your Divine Purpose is not necessarily linked to your job or how you make money. Your Divine Purpose is aligned with something greater than yourself. It embodies what you most deeply value and what you stand for.

I invite you to watch the video below! As you listen, create some space to listen deeply to the whispers of your womb. Allow her the opportunity to speak through you and guide you to discovering your Divine Purpose.

Use the timestamps below to guide you through this powerful live call we had together.
3:45 – Welcome
8:10 – Meditation
25:14 – Journaling
29:08 – My Story + Divine Purpose Discussion


– What do the whispers of your womb have to say to you?

– What is it you stand for that keeps your inner flame burning brightly?

– What is your Sacred Why?

I encourage you to take some time to really slow down during this month and listen deeply to what you are being called to create at this time. Clarity can only come through stillness. It is the exact opposite of how we are conditioned to respond to life, but it is only from being fully present that we can create.

– new moon ritual –


lesson 2

With the power of the New Moon, let’s vision our Divine Purpose.

The energy of the New Moon is associated with the time of your Sacred Dreamer, the time that you bleed during your cycle. As women, we are called during this time into the stillness and darkness. Here, we can FEEL our way into what is aligned with our essence and hear the call of our Divine Purpose.

With all the chaos happening in the world, you can use this energy and your ability to listen to the guidance from within to stay aligned and on purpose. You can turn inward and use your presence to shift what is happening on the planet by choosing to show up and embody your Divine Purpose.

Remember, your Divine Purpose is not always what you do for work or money. It is an awareness that arises from a deep knowing within and usually aligned with something greater than ourselves that often transcends work or occupation.
Use this New Moon ritual I created below to support in visioning your Divine Purpose and tuning into the energy you want to embody.


Sister, now is the time for pausing, reflecting, and listening to how you are being guided to show up. This ritual will support you in visioning your Divine Purpose and the energy you are being called to align with at this time. Have your journal handy and carve out approximately 30 min for this ritual.

1. Let go of doing and come into being. Settle into a place of no distractions. Light a candle or incense to set the space. Bring yourself fully to the present moment, letting go of anything you have been holding through your day. Call in the support of your guides and ancestors. Ask for their support as you set your intention to vision your Divine Purpose.

2. Imagine a pivotal moment in your life when you felt fully present and on purpose. Open yourself and your Temple Body to a moment when you felt aligned with your purpose. Notice the sensations in your body and the feelings that arise.

3. Tune into the feeling of living on purpose. Staying with the feeling of this moment, grab your journal, and describe the feeling of this moment. This will provide you with clues about your Divine Purpose and what you are being guided to embody.

4. Choose one word from your reflections to align your vision and intentions. Look over what you wrote above and choose one word that you will align with moving forward. Write this word down and put it somewhere where you will be reminded of it every day.

5. Vision what it would be like to move through this next moon cycle aligned with this feeling. Hold nothing back, dream and vision into what you would be doing, creating, and expressing.

6. Close and offer gratitude. Slowly bring yourself back to this present moment when you feel complete with your vision and give thanks for all the guidance and support you received.


As a special gift for you, I am sharing the chapter I wrote in the book The Path of the Priestess. My chapter is entitled “The Pregnant Pause”. This piece that I authored is all about coming into the stillness and listening…The energy and the divine guidance of the PAUSE, and the power of trusting the mystery of the unknown. I invite you to read this chapter during this time of stillness and darkness with the New Moon.

The Pregnant Pause

– timeline practice –


lesson 3

When we are living our highest YES, we are living our Divine Purpose!

One of the easiest ways to discover your Divine Purpose is to look at the moments in your life when you have felt a full-body YES! These moments act like guides that can help lead you to identify how you are being called to live your Divine Purpose.

Our Divine Purpose is an expression of our essence. And when we are ecstatically engaged in life, living our highest YES, our essence is fully expressed. It is within this expression that we can find our Divine Purpose.

For this practice, track back in time to identify the moments, experiences, and situations in our lives where we felt a full-body YES. These are the threads that will then weave together to help us discover what our Divine Purpose is.

Download and use the Full Body Yes Timeline to make a visual map of the moments you were ecstatically engaged and living on purpose!


1. Reflect on the times you felt most alive, turned on, plugged in, present, fulfilled, grateful, on purpose, and inspired. What are you doing? Who are you with? How are you in service to others? How are you inspiring change and making a difference?

2. Create a timeline of the significant moments when you felt a full Body YES. Beginning with the first full-body YES moment that comes to mind, note the year/date, location, and what you were doing. Include at least 5 to 6 moments on your timeline. Use the attached PDF or gather your own supplies and create a visual timeline of the moments in your life when you felt a full-body YES.

3. Track the common threads. Once you have completed the Full Body YES timeline, journal to reflect on the common themes of the different moments. These are the clues to discovering your Divine Purpose.

4. Tune into your Divine Purpose. Looking through your reflections from above, what do you feel is your Divine Purpose? Give yourself some time to journal out all your ideas and visions. Focus on the feelings and what you are being called to embody and less on the how.

– guided meditation –


lesson 4


Your Divine Purpose is being, embodying, and expressing who you were born to be.

Now is the time…

To step forward as your authentic and embodied self.

To come into your full radiant essence.

To remember that you were born with a unique creative spark that is YOU.

It is easy to believe that our Divine Purpose is something we have to seek or search for outside ourselves, when in fact, it is already present within us. We may be the ones holding ourselves back from stepping forward in our full embodied expression by holding on to old stories, beliefs, or “shoulds.” However, the sooner we come into the knowing that we are here to weave our magic in our own unique way, the sooner we will find we are living our Divine Purpose NOW by simply being ourselves.

For this practice, I created a meditation to connect you with your future self to receive guidance from your full authentic and embodied expression. I invite you to strip away any preconceived notions of who you are supposed to be or how people see you as we embark on this journey…Trusting the moments of full-body YES as they reveal to you how you are being guided to show up aligned with your Divine Purpose.


1. Let go of the longing and the searching and come into this present moment. As you listen to this meditation, bring your full presence to the moment. Find a space of contentment and wholeness in the now as you connect with your future self.

2. Release the “shoulds” and expand into being. Often, we cannot connect with the knowing of our Divine Purpose because we are holding on to so many ideas of WHO WE SHOULD BE rather than allowing ourselves to embody and express WHO WE ARE in the moment. We may also be holding on to what others have told us we should do or be, too. Notice where you may be living according to the “shoulds” and consciously choose to release anything holding you back. Allow yourself to expand into being from a place of knowing and trust.

3. Ask for guidance from your future self. Open up a dialog with your future self to receive guidance and downloads as to how you are being guided to live your Divine Purpose.

4. Follow the clues of your own unique path. Let your future self reveal to you the moments of full-body YES on your journey and follow the clues of what they are telling you about what living your Divine Purpose looks and feels like now. Reflect on what turned you on and what lit you up?

5. Recognize your life as a living prayer of gratitude. Remember, all you truly have is this present moment…That by simply being, you are an expression of the Divine in this moment. Through your conscious choice to see life as a living prayer of gratitude, you open yourself to be of service to the Divine in every moment. Nothing more is needed than your full presence to live on purpose.

– full moon ritual for Divine Purpose –


lesson 5

It is time for your Divine Purpose to be seen, heard, and shared!

How will you express your Divine Purpose in the present moment?

When you show up and begin to express your Divine Purpose you amplify it. Each word you speak becomes an act of claiming your voice, your power, and what you stand for. Sometimes we hear the call of our Divine Purpose for years but it takes time for us to truly give ourselves permission to claim it. Well…

It is time to claim it!

Under the light of this Full Moon, using the power of your voice, it is time to amplify your Divine Purpose! Below you will find a full moon ritual designed to support you in expressing your Divine Purpose and sharing it with the world.


1. Create sacred space. Get a candle and a sacred object to place on your altar or a prominent place in your home that symbolizes your Divine Purpose. Make sure you have a space where you will be undisturbed in order to drop into your full expression.

2. Reflect back on the practices from this pillar. Take some time to go back and reflect on all the practices from this month pillar noticing what has been revealed and become clear about your Divine Purpose.

3. Tap into the voice of your Divine Purpose. Holding the frequency of what you have discovered about your Divine Purpose journal on the following prompt…

If your Divine purpose had a voice what would it say?

4. Create a written piece or video to express and share your Divine Purpose. Find the way your Divine Purpose wants to be expressed and write or speak it! Use your voice to claim your Divine Purpose and the light of this full moon to help you amplify it.

5. Share your written post or video. Choose where and how you want to share your Divine Purpose. There is so much power in being witnessed by others as we show up and own our calling. You might share inside the Facebook Group or reach out to a sister and share it privately. The point is to be seen, heard, and supported as you step forward in ownership of your Divine Purpose. Title your post or video Expressing my Divine Purpose so it easy for sisters to find.

6. Close with gratitude. Offer yourself gratitude and appreciation for the journey you took this month. For all that you have released and shed, claimed, and expressed on the path to knowing your Divine Purpose.

– embodiment dance video –


lesson 6

Sister, this is your moment to shine unapologetically and embody the full expression of your essence!

Tune into this final practice, Dance Your Divine Purpose, and allow yourself to play and explore as you embody your Divine Purpose. Feel into all that you desire to share, and let yourself take up space as you allow your divine essence to flow in your unique way.

Calling all parts of yourself home, feel into the power of your presence, and claim your path, your body, your voice, and your gifts as you Dance Your Divine Purpose.

*Prepare for the journey by adorning yourself in as little clothing as you feel comfortable in. Gather a nibble of something that brings you pleasure or some essential oils. Find a safe space to indulge in this practice where you feel free to explore your body and senses.

*In these embodiment videos, please honor your body by making any necessary modifications to support you.*


Journal Prompt:

Take 10 minutes this week to journal with the following prompt:

”What does it feel like to fully say YES to my Divine Purpose?”


Repeat this mantra to align your day with the embodiment of your Divine Purpose.

”I say YES and fully claim my Divine Purpose.”


What do you feel from this dance?

What do you feel from the journal prompt and mantra?