Rooted In Gratitude

Rooting in the energy of Gratitude is a choice that is always available to us.

It does not mean we are always happy. It does not mean that we are unaffected by sadness around us and in our world.

Being Rooted in Gratitude means we commit to return to our OWN knowing, our OWN energy, and our OWN unique story that is both challenging and beautiful at the same time. Being Rooted in Gratitude asks us to remember that it is our entire path- the glorious moments and the challenges, the mundane and the elation- that make us who we are.

And our uniquely Radiant Stories are something to be grateful for.

Rooted In Gratitude SCHEDULE

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August 2

Lesson 1

“Rooted in Gratitude”
Embodiment Journey

August 8

Lesson 2

“Find Your Creative Expression”
New Moon Ritual

August 10

Live Call & Sister Sharing Circle with Sofiah Thom

12:00 – 1:15 pm PST

“The Transformative Power of Gratitude”

August 11

Lesson 3

“The Transformative Power of Gratitude”
LIVE Call Replay

August 16

Lesson 4

“Seeing Through the Lens of Gratitude”

Guided Meditation + Timeline Practice

August 22

Lesson 5

“Release Emotion and Renew with Gratitude
Full Moon Ritual

August 23

Lesson 6

“Sacred Waters Blessing
Meditation + Blessing

August 30

Gratitude Guest Call with Anna Naturalista

12:00PM – 1:00PM PST

August 31

Lesson 7

Gratitude Guest Call with Anna Naturalista

Guest Call Replay


Rooted In Gratitude Practices

– intro to rooted in gratitude –


lesson 1

Experience this guided dance journey to come into the feeling of gratitude in your body. Feel the choice you have in each moment to see through the lens of gratitude and recognize that everything in your life is happening for you.

With so many realities unfolding around us, this practice will help you anchor into the present moment, re-align your frequency with gratitude, and root you even deeper into your RADIANCE.

*In these embodiment videos, please honor your body by making any necessary modifications to support you.


– Take 10 minutes to journal with the following prompt: 

“What can I align to in this moment that I am grateful for?”

– Repeat this mantra every day this week, as soon as you wake and in difficult moments, to help you align with the frequency gratitude:

“I am a living prayer of gratitude.”


new moon ritual for Gratitude


lesson 2

During our new moon live call above, Marie and I share our wisdom together in a live drum meditation that transformed into an embodiment dance journey.

Before starting the ritual below, I encourage you to receive the medicine from the powerful call and let it permeate all layers of your being. Through the journey on our call, we accessed 3 words to guide us in this next moon cycle. These 3 words will be the foundation of our New Moon Ritual.

Even if you choose to do this ritual before watching the full call, you will need to feel into 3 words you would like to guide you in the coming weeks. Whatever they are, write them down. Then begin the following ritual.


– Refocus your energy for the weeks ahead

– Find inspiration within yourself to create new mindsets

– Access new and unfiltered creativity

Find Your Creative Expression: Ritual

Time: 30 minutes  |  Items Needed:  Candle, Your 3 new moon dream seed words, Journal & Pen, Art supplies


1. Get settled. Gather your piece of paper with the 3 words of guidance for the next moon cycle. Find a place outside or near a window where you can sit and feel the energy of the night sky. Light a candle. Sit for a moment to clear your mind.


2. Embody the frequency of each word. Choose one word to start with. Repeat the word out loud 9 times. Allow the frequency of the word to fill you up.


3. Express each frequency. Let yourself be in a place of inspiration, and let yourself express the word creatively. With movement, song, drawing, journaling…. whatever creative expression desires to flow in that word’s frequency.


4. Return to stillness. When you are complete with your word’s creative expression, take yourself back into stillness for 2 minutes, before starting the process of speaking, embodying, and expressing the next word on your list, and then the next.


5. Admire your creations. After completing the ritual for all three words, take a moment to drink in the luscious creativity born from your temple body. Admire and appreciate yourself for showing up in integrity for yourself. Close by blowing out your candle, and bowing your head in honor of the creative muses within and around you.

6. Share your creativity! Creative work born from inspiration is meant to be shared sister! I strongly encourage you to share your creations in our Facebook Group to be witnessed by others and to inspire even more self-devotion and creativity. Comment with a photo of your creations on the New Moon Ritual post in our group.

7. Dance your new vibration! If you feel called, I invite you to dance the frequency of your 3 words in our Facebook group! I’ve been so inspired seeing so many of you in our gratitude dance challenge, so let’s keep the dance alive!

– Live Call Replay –

“The Transformative Power of Gratitude”

lesson 3


– guided meditation for gratitude –


lesson 4


Every moment in your life has brought you to where you are and made you the woman you are. Every single moment.

It’s time to face the challenges in your life, the struggles, and the moments where you have felt like a victim. I ask you to reflect on these difficult moments and consciously choose to put down the lens of victim-hood or resentment, and choose to pick up the Lens of Gratitude instead.

In this lesson, I offer a guided talk about reflecting on the biggest moments in your life, and how you can reframe these stories from the Lens of Gratitude. After completing the practice, I invite you to complete the PDF attached: “Your Timeline of Initiations” to map out all that you have learned and grown into in your life.

Listen to this 11 min audio transmission to come into a space of gratitude and shift old beliefs and stories you hold about the challenging moments in your life.


  1. Print out your “Timeline of Initiations” PDF below, and fill out the key moments that have shaped you during the course of your life.

2. After you have completed your timeline, reflect on each initiation in turn. Close your eyes. Come into a space of gratitude, and write down the gifts you have received from both the joyous and the challenging times.

3. I invite you to be brave and share a photo of your timeline in our Facebook Group. We have all been through our own deep initiations, and by sharing these experiences with others, we can heal, root more deeply into the mindset of gratitude, and encourage others to show up for themselves in a similar way.

<< Click here to download the PDF version of the Initiation Timeline >>



  – full moon ritual for gratitude –


lesson 5

Sister, in every moment we have a choice: We can choose to return to the foundation within, we can choose to create new structures and habits that connect us to our innate wisdom and power. 

We can become more rooted and solid in our foundation when we free ourselves from self-doubt, confusion, and overwhelm… and choose to open ourselves fully to life.


– Release what is stuck and no longer serves you

– Find & anchor into your UNSHAKABLE power in uncertain times

– Unlock deeper love, gratitude, and grace within

Release & Renew: Ritual

Time: 20-30 minutes  |  Items Needed: Candle, Sacred Objects, Journal & Pen

1. Create your Space. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, hopefully with some view of the night sky/moon! Gather the sacred objects you feel most connected to in this moment. Place your crystals under the full moon night sky to cleanse, purify and amplify them.

2. Light a candle. Pick a candle thats color or scent calls to you. As you light your candle, sit with a tall spine and breathe. Root down into the earth and connect with this moment in time. Invite any energies, guides, ancestors or allies to be with you.

3. Set your Intention. Tune in and ask yourself these two questions,
“What wants to be released from me under this full moon?”
“What can I fill myself with instead?”

4. Pick 3 things to release. Pick three things you want to release tonight with love and gratitude. These can be old views, emotions, ways of being… anything you are longing to be free from. Write them down clearly in your journal, starting each sentence with
“Tonight, I release…”

5. Pick 3 things to renew. Pick three things you want to call in or renew your relationship with to replace the space of what you release. These can be more positive actions/outlooks, new ways of being, new emotions… anything you want to feel more of in your life. Write them down clearly in your journal, starting each sentence with
“Tonight, I call in…” or “Tonight, I renew my relationship with…”

6. Repeat this practice: Speak & Shake. Once you have your lists, complete the following practice for each of the things you want to release and each of the things you want to renew…

– Choose one thing to release: Use your voice to Speak out loud what you are releasing. Then, Shake your body to move the energy and let it be free.

– Choose one thing you want to renew/call in: Use your voice to Speak out loud what you are calling in. Then, Shake the new feeling into your body with a full-body movement, dance, or gesture to call it in.

7. Align with gratitude. Close this ritual by coming into the energy of gratitude, thanking yourself for showing up, and thanking the energies and guides that were with you. Feel the shift in your energy. Blow out the candle to close the ritual.

8. Amplify by sharing! When we share with others, the energy of our actions grows and we become stronger in our foundation. I strongly encourage you to share a photo of your lists of RELEASE and your lists of RENEW in our FB Group to keep you resolute and committed to this change!

– meditation & blessing for gratitude –


lesson 6


You are sacred.

You are holy.

You are home. 

 As we finish this month of Rooted In Gratitude, it is time to offer gratitude to our Temple Body and Mama Gaia through a sacred waters blessing. 

In this meditation, I invite you to join me in blessing the water you drink and the water that flows through your Temple Body with Gratitude.

Fill a vessel of water before you begin, and we’ll take each sip with the intention of consciously drinking in the frequency of the life we desire.


1. A vessel filled with water to drink.

 2. A quiet space where you will not be disturbed.

 3. Your journal to record any visions, blessings, or inspirations that arise. 

After completing the practice, I invite you to spend a moment reflecting on the past month and all that you are grateful for. Give thanks to your Temple Body, Mama Gaia, and the sacred waters that flow endlessly through you.


Create your own Sacred Waters Mantra.

When you are finished reflecting, create a Sacred Waters Mantra that you can repeat each day to infuse the water that you drink with the frequency of gratitude.

Look back at what you wrote above, and craft a mantra for your daily blessing. Use this blessing daily as you replenish your Temple Body with the sacred waters of Mama Gaia.

Share your Sacred Water Mantra in the Radiance Sisterhood! 

– Bonus Guest call –

Live Gratitude Guest Call with Anna Naturalista

lesson 7


If you missed this call, use the time stamps below to dive in…

4:56 – Welcome

11:44 – Anna Shares her personal story

26:16 – Law of Love Transmission + Slides

1:07:33 – Answering questions

1:12:30 – Closing + Dance