Sister, wealth is a state of being and a state of mind.

When you truly honor your RADIANCE, you align yourself with the frequency of wealth. This alignment opens you to RECEIVE even more wealth, prosperity, and abundance in your life!

What often stands in the way of wealth and prosperity are beliefs (or disbeliefs!) of our value and worthiness.

These practices will work to reveal the the blocks and rewrite the habitual, unconscious programs, and patterns that keep you small and dim your radiance.

When you shift how you embody your presence and your power, you step into the full wealth of your radiant being. I invite you, to stand in your value and attract even more prosperity into your life!

Prosperity Practices

 – prosperity live call & sister sharing circle –


lesson 1

I invite you to tune into this call and become aware of the stories and beliefs that you might be holding about wealth, and set an intention to transform them as you work through the Prosperity pillar.


What is your current relationship with wealth and prosperity?

What beliefs, stories, and programs are you ready to transform in this month devoted to Prosperity?

I encourage you to take some time journaling your intentions and desires for what you wish to let go of, transform, and embody more of, as you explore your relationship to prosperity. Take time to turn inward, reflect, and align yourself with the wealth and prosperity already available within and around you.

– embodiment journey –


lesson 2

Money is a currency of love.

When you invite money, your lover, into the dance of your life, you get to choose how you will move with them. You get to choose how they will flow through your life. You get to choose what they represent. You get to choose how they will support you in creating the life of your dreams.

So what will you choose?

We are creating a new paradigm as women who reclaim our worth, saying YES to our feminine power, and aligning our lives with our highest YES. You already have everything that you need to create the life of your dreams. Your prosperity codes are ready to be awakened! It is time to trust and open yourself to what true prosperity feels like in every cell of your Temple Body.

I invite you during this guided embodiment journey to imagine money as your lover. Bring your full presence as you meet your lover from a place of gratitude and awaken your prosperity codes!


1. Bring your full presence here now. Money, your lover, deserves your FULL presence. Come fully into your senses as you dance with your lover. Be fully present with what you desire from your lover. Allow yourself to FEEL the fulfillment of those desires from your lover. Reflect daily on…

What is my intention with my lover? What am I calling in?

2. Connect with pleasure to receive. The more you open yourself to what brings you pleasure, the more magnetic you become to receive. Money is attracted to pleasure. It wants to flow where the energy is open and receptive. Check-in with yourself throughout your day…

Does this choice align me with my pleasure?

3. Clear the pathways and channels to receive. Identify the places in your life where you are blocking yourself from fully receiving. Begin to rewrite the stories passed down through your lineage that might be blocking you from receiving as well. Use this dance to clear, release, and rewrite and the blocks.

4. Know your value. As you meet your lover in this dance, remember your value. Remember how prosperous, worthy, and abundant you already are. Honor and meet yourself in this prosperous state of being as you move your Temple Body.

5. Express your gratitude. Take time each day to express your gratitude for all the ways money shows up to support you in your life. Money is a beautiful energy that brings richness to our lives. Recognize how rich, abundant, wealthy, and prosperous you are NOW. This recognition and gratitude aligns you with the frequency of money and opens up the ability to attract more.

– new moon ritual –


lesson 3

During the new moon we are energetically supported right now in with letting go of old scripts and stories and aligning with what we are called to create.

Today we recognize that we are part of a new paradigm and a new collective vision that is coming through.

Visualization in this potent time is key.

Use this New Moon ritual to Visualize your abundance, your prosperity, and your dreams.


Sister, now is the time to recognize the power of visualization and call in all your abundant dreams. This ritual will support you in using visualization to surround yourself with the prosperity that you desire. Allow yourself some space to fully drop in and connect.

1. Create your visualization space. Choose a space for this ritual that allows you to connect in with yourself and your guides. Create a container for this experience where you feel safe to truly connect with your visions.

2. Empty out. Choose the expressive medium you feel called to in order to empty out your mind and body and create the space to receive. You can sing, drum, dance, or paint. Intend to open the space to connect with your visions here and now.

3. State your vision. Open yourself to visualize and dream. No dream or vision is too big. When you are ready, take out your journal and pen, and begin by answering:

What is your vision for your life right now

4. Create your prosperity frequency. Follow the prompts below to find the words to create and build the frequency of prosperity and abundance in your daily life.

Write down 3 things money (your lover) has brought to you.

Write down 3 things that are ABUNDANT in your life (that DO NOT have to do with money).

Write down 3 ways you already invest in yourself and your purpose.

What 3 energetic feeling states do you desire to feel in your Temple Body in 2022?

5. Create your mantra of abundance. With your three energetic feeling states you are calling in, create your mantra of abundance! Make a statement…State “I am” in front of those three words. Use these words each day, speak them out loud, and tune yourself to the frequency of abundance and prosperity.

6. Offer Gratitude. Close the ritual by offering gratitude for all the abundance and prosperity in your life.

– guided meditation –


lesson 4


You have been called to awaken and express your divine purpose now!

Your life begins to prosper in unimaginable ways when you courageously say YES to your purpose… when you listen deeply to the whispers of your womb and trust in how you are guided to show up in the world.

Opportunities knock.

Doors open.

Connections are made.

Money begins to flow.

All because you tuned in to the gifts living within that are ready to be birthed through you at this time. Your radiant essence is designed to prosper and expand naturally. When you are living on purpose, you radiate prosperity from the inside out. The marriage of purpose and prosperity manifests in our lives as a deep state of inner fulfillment.

Use this guided meditation with me to welcome the marriage of purpose and prosperity within and to say YES to aligning your divine purpose with the prosperity codes living with you.


1. Root down into your lotus flower yoni portal. Bringing your full presence to this mediation, invite the channel to open as you send your roots down into the core of Mama Gaia. Feel her presence and draw her energy up through your lotus flower yoni portal, connecting you to all of creation.

2. Listen to the whispers of your womb. As you root down and connect with the womb of the Mother, listen to where you are being guided. Observe where your attention goes when you tune into the frequency of prosperity within your Temple Body. Are there any images, peoples, places, etc., that come into your womb vision?

3. Open your crown to divine inspiration. Feel this source of golden divine love pouring down all around you. Breath it down through your crown and let it illuminate your purpose and the prosperity codes within you.

4. Open yourself to receive. Experience the marriage of your purpose and prosperity as you listen and receive. Feel the divine creative spark within you and what desires to be expressed in your own unique way. Ask yourself…

“Where have I felt a deep calling in my life and my Temple Body?”

“What is calling to be expressed through me at this time?”

5. Trust in the divine unfolding. You are more than enough. Your presence is a gift. Sink into the mystery. Dive deep into the well of wisdom and prosperity that lives within you and TRUST what you see, hear, and feel. You are a part of the tapestry we are collectively weaving together. You are here to weave in your unique way within your own perfect timeline. Trust it.

– Prosperity Playlist & Ritual –


lesson 5

You are here to prosper and BE THE LIGHT!

When you chose to step forward as a divine feminine leader, you chose to anchor yourself in the light. You chose to align yourself with your divine purpose and surround yourself with the prosperity that flows from community and collaboration. We are more abundant and prosperous when we radiate our light together.

I created an AbunDANCE playlist to help you amplify your Radiant prosperous light! Let these sounds move and inspire you to radiate your light even more!


1. Reflect on what aspects of your purpose and prosperity are you ready to amplify?

2. Amplify your light through dance. Use this playlist to amplify what came through for you last week. Allow yourself to be fully TURNED ON by your purpose and move your body in the ways that make you feel abundant and prosperous.

– full moon ritual –


lesson 6

Prosperity is a state of being. It is an energy that you can embody in every moment with every choice you make. Use this Full Moon Prosperity Fire Ritual to embrace the lessons of the past and transmute them into the gifts you are here to share through your radiant light!

Before you begin this ritual, I invite you to gather your sacred objects, a piece of paper, and your journal. If you can have a fire safely, then prepare a fire. If not, a candle will work just as well. This ritual will be a deep journey into the lessons of your past. You will reflect on the abundance of wisdom you have gained from these initiations and ignite these gifts with your new intentions.

1.Create sacred space. Settle into your space and prepare for some reflection. Have your journal and piece of paper nearby. Holding your intention for this ritual, light a fire or your candle to symbolize the abundant light and wisdom already living with you.

2. Root down and receive. Draw your energy and attention in and down, connecting to the supportive energy of Mama Gaia. When you feel rooted and connected, begin to reflect on the initiations and challenges you faced throughout the year. Your life.

3. Reflect on the lessons. Grab your journal and record a timeline of the initiations and challenges you faced and the lessons you have learned and embraced. Allow yourself to see the hidden gems living in these experiences. Ask yourself…

What are the gifts and lessons I have received from my initiations and challenges?

What ways of being do I need to surrender and release in order to transmute these lessons into gifts?

Where has my vision become clearer, and where have I prospered from the challenges I have faced and embraced?

4. Transmute potential into prosperity. As you feel into your timeline and shift your awareness to the gems hidden within these lessons, ignite your inner flame with the wisdom you have gained. Offer these lessons to the fire within and ask how they will infuse the marriage of prosperity and purpose in your life. Take a moment to journal about what the transmutation of these lessons will look and feel like in your life.

5. Release and let go. Next, take your piece of paper and write on it all that you are ready to release in order to fully own the gifts you have received. When you are done, throw this paper into the fire, if you can, to transmute these lessons into gifts through the alchemy of fire. If you do not have a safe way to burn this paper, you can bury it or find another symbolic way to let it go.

6. Ignite your purpose and prosperity. Through letting go and deep surrender, ignite your intentions for how you will use the gifts you received this year. Focus on the abundance already present in your life and how you can move forward with a renewed sense of purpose. State your intentions out loud as you gaze into the light of your fire or candle.

7. Offer your thanks and gratitude. Close this ritual by offering your thanks and gratitude for the lessons received. Surrender and let go of all that has passed and align yourself with the prosperity of the present moment. Call yourself back to this moment, recognizing you are ready to move from a place of wholeness. Keep this candle and use it in times when you need a reminder of your intentions.