Sacred Marriage

You are the sovereign creator of your life.

To birth a new paradigm you must understand you have a choice in every moment to lay claim to what you stand for and what you value. It is up to you to enter the dance of life from a balanced and empowered place.

Perhaps you are wondering now…how do I find balance in this dance as a sovereign creator while fully expressing my unique radiance?

Well Sister, there is a way!

And it is already dancing in the Sacred Marriage within you!

As you journey through this theme you will be awakening, balancing, and embodying the Sacred Marriage within to support you in living as a fully radiant empowered sovereign creator! The Sacred Marriage is the dance of the masculine and feminine within guiding you in every moment, showing you exactly what is needed to bring balance into the creation of your life.
We each have a unique, radiant path to walk in this life. And a special way of dancing with the masculine and the feminine within. It is time to discover the Sacred Marriage within you and learn to dance it your way!

Sacred Marriage Practices

“Awakening the Sacred Marriage Within” 

lesson 1

Tune into this LIVE call to explore the alchemy of the Masculine and Feminine dancing in union.

During this beautiful call, we dive into strengthening our Masculine and nurturing our Feminine so that we can move out of burnout and into our RADIANCE!

Enjoy this transmission and a Singing Bowl Journey to support you in “Awakening the Sacred Marriage Within.”

Use the Timestamps below to dive in!

0:01 – Welcome Dancing

9:22 – Speaking into the Sacred Marriage

40:01- Singing Bowl Transmission and Meditation

53:23 – Journaling


“Balancing the Masculine and Feminine”

lesson 2

Does your masculine trust your feminine? Does your feminine trust your masculine?

As you continue to explore the Sacred Marriage, and the symbiotic dance of the masculine and the feminine, we you are weaving a new story. A story where the masculine and the feminine listen deeply to one another and all action arises from a place of trust.

The masculine serves to bring the formless into form. Like the banks of a river, the masculine provides the structure for the feminine to be fully expressed and flowing freely. One cannot exist without the other.

The masculine must take time to pause and listen to the wisdom of the feminine and trust what is being expressed. Then the masculine can take action that is aligned with the wisdom of the feminine. Here is where the symbiotic dance takes place, and trust is built as they continually weave together in a balanced way.

Using this guided transmission, “Balancing the Masculine and Feminine,” I invite you to listen and discover where you are being called to cultivate more trust in the Sacred Marriage within. When you choose to listen and take action from this place of honoring your inner wisdom, you will find balance in the dance of the masculine and feminine.


1. Listen deeply. While the masculine must learn to pause and listen to the wisdom of the feminine, so must the feminine listen and acknowledge the actions of the masculine. As part of the new story you are weaving about the inner Sacred Marriage, make listening a key element of this new narrative.

2. Trust the masculine. As you tune into the masculine, listen to how you are being called to develop more trust with this aspect. The masculine is here to bring his presence, focus, protection, and pure consciousness to support the formless to come into form. Ask yourself…

“What structures need to be created in order for the feminine to be fully expressed?”

3. Trust the feminine. Without deeply listening to the wisdom of the feminine, all actions will be misguided or chaotic. The power of the feminine is found in her ability to envelop, birth, weave and receive the creative spark to guide the masculine. Developing a deep trust of the feminine is essential if the masculine is to be guided into right action. Ask yourself…

“Where am I not currently trusting my feminine? What do I need to establish more trust with the feminine within?

4. Heal your lineage. As you rewrite the story of the Sacred Marriage, your lineage can support you in knowing what is required to bring balance to the masculine and feminine. We all carry the stories of our maternal and paternal lineages, and when we choose to heal and let go of the past, we can more fully birth the legacy we have been called to create. Ask yourself…

“Where in your lineage do you need to forgive, reconcile, heal, and let go?”

5. Rewrite the story. As you close with this practice, take some time to freely write about what it feels like to be living in full trust of your masculine and feminine. Dream into all you desire to create and how your masculine and feminine can dance together to support you. It is truly up to you in every moment to honor this dance. To balance this relationship by deeply listening and trusting the wisdom and guidance from within.

– Movement Journey –

“Embodying the Sacred Marriage”

lesson 3

What do you desire to bring to life through the Sacred Marriage?

In order to create the life of your dreams, it is essential that you both trust and listen to how the Sacred Marriage within is guiding you. Learn to balance the energies of the masculine and feminine as you dance through life and embody their wisdom in your thoughts, choices and actions.
The Sacred Marriage invites you to witness and identify where structure and flow intersect within you. It is from this balanced perspective that you are able to move fully expressed in your embodied presence.
You are protected.
You are safe to express.
To surrender. To love.
And to be.
When you embody the Sacred Marriage, you awaken the masculine and feminine within to be of service to your legacy…opening yourself to the deep embodiment of your truth and infinite possibility.
For this practice, I created a movement journey to support you with “Embodying the Sacred Marriage.” This practice invites you to dance with the masculine and feminine and notice where you are being called to strengthen, listen and deepen your trust to the Sacred Marriage within.


1. Become the witness. As you begin this practice, slow down and become fully present. Engage your inner witness to support you in discovering how you are being called to more fully embody the masculine and feminine. Allow yourself to be guided into movement from what feels natural to you.

2. Embody the masculine principle. The masculine is represented by the vertical axis running through your central channel. It is the hollow bamboo core that holds your essence and provides you with strength and focus. When you embody the masculine, you are able to penetrate, cut through and take action that is in alignment with your desires.

Explore the movement of the masculine within you. What is the quality of the movement? Sharp? Focused? Angular?

Notice what arises as you dance with this energy. What feels natural and what needs strengthening in the dance of the masculine within?

3. Embody the feminine principle. The feminine is represented by the horizontal axis within. Expanding out from the body, the feminine principle holds the quality of enveloping, receiving, and nurturing your dreams and desires. When you embody this principle, you are able to freely flow in your expression.

Explore the movement of the feminine within you. What is the quality of the movement? Fluid? Expressive? Flowing?

Notice what arises as you dance with this energy. What feels natural and what needs strengthening in the dance of the feminine within?

4. Embody the Sacred Marriage. As you witnessed yourself in this practice, what awareness did you receive about the Sacred Marriage within? Where are you being guided to listen or trust more deeply? What new ways are you choosing to move to bring balance to this dance? The Sacred Marriage is a continual dance guiding us in the steps to take to move our lives forward in alignment with our deepest desires. Take a moment to reflect on the next steps you have been guided to take from this movement journey to more fully embody the masculine and feminine within.

– Full Moon Call –

“Map Your Radiant Path” 

lesson 4


Tune into this LIVE Call replay for an embodiment journey through the 12 Pillars of the Radiant path that will support you in building a strong foundation in your Self-Leadership.

0:06 – Welcome
9:17 – Setting Intentions
11:15 -Sharing slides of the 12 Pillars
17:21 – Embodiment Journey through the 12 Pillars
53:15 – Journaling & Reflection


“Balance the Sacred Marriage” 

lesson 5

We are all on different paths and at different places on our journey. The masculine and feminine within each of us need different things to come into balance and right relationship with each other.

It is natural for us to be in a dance with the masculine and feminine and the Sacred Marriage is here to guide us in how to move with focus, grace, confidence, and pleasure in all aspects of our lives.

For this New Moon Ritual, we will explore the ways you are currently being called to bring greater balance to the masculine and feminine within and create a ritual that you can use in your daily life to support you in balancing these energies.


New Moon Ritual

1. Create sacred space. Prepare a space that feels nourishing and pleasurable, similar to if you were connecting with a beloved. Light your candles, play some music, put flowers on your altar, or anything else that makes you feel both held, nurtured, and appreciated.

2. Connect with the Sacred Marriage Within. Begin to connect with the Sacred Marriage within in any way that feels good to you. You can visualize these energies, dance with them, or make sounds. Set an intention to listen and receive guidance from the masculine and feminine with you.

3. Open to receive guidance from the masculine and feminine within you. When you feel connected to the Sacred Marriage, use the following prompts to dive deeper into your relationship to the masculine and feminine.
Where are you being called to balance the masculine and feminine within?
What needs to shift in your own relationship to your masculine and feminine?
How do you desire your masculine to meet your feminine and your feminine to meet your masculine in your life?

4. Choosing the relationship you desire with your masculine and feminine. Based on what you have discovered in the above inquiry, tune into where you are being guided to make some shifts to restore the balance of the masculine and feminine within you.

5. Support the Sacred Marriage within. From the guidance you received, choose one action you can take to meet your masculine and feminine where they desire to be met. You may have found that one or the other needs more attention in order to restore the balance between them. Remember, this will look different for all of us. Some examples might be a daily ritual for aligning your schedule or taking consistent action to balance your masculine. Or perhaps it looks like making time during your day to prepare a delicious meal or time for creative expression to balance your feminine. Trust the guidance you received and commit to this daily action for the next moon cycle.