What a potent time to be gathering in global sisterhood and embarking on this journey of self-love together. 

We are women from all walks of life, and may the love, honor and support in this group represent what is possible in the world.

We begin our RADIANCE journey with…


Now more than ever we must align with the frequency of love to navigate during these times.


June 10

“Rooted in Love”
LIVE Call with Sofiah Thom @ 12 PM PST

“Align with Love”

New Moon Ritual

June 14

“Embodying Self Love”
Embodiment Journey

June 21

Exploring Forgiveness with Ho’oponopono”
Audio Meditation

June 24

“Self-Love Full Moon Call”
LIVE with Temple Body Ambassador
Nicole Pemberton @ 12 PM PT

“Clearing Your Blocks to Self-Love”
Full Moon Ritual

June 26

“Creating Self Care Habits”
Video Transmission


– New Moon LIVE Call on Self Love –

“Rooted In Love”

lesson 1

Tune in to the replay to receive a grounding and heart opening Singing Bowl Journey to connect with the unconditional love of the Divine Mother. Listen to Sofiah’s transmission around the theme of Self-Love and receive inspiration from the Radiance Sisters’ powerful shares.

Use the Timestamps below to dive in!

00:11 – Welcome & Dancing

13:06 – Singing Bowl Meditation

27:46 – Journaling & Intention Setting

35:47 – Sharing the Membership Portal & Sisterhood Agreements

46:12 – Sister Shares

53:53 – Closing


– new moon & Eclipse Ritual –



lesson 2

We are entering a powerful New Moon Eclipse portal in which to AMPLIFY your dreams…

The New Moon energy is about turning inward, visioning, and getting clear on the dream seeds you wish to plant for your life. As we focus this month on Self Love you may wish to direct your focus to areas you wish to grow and nurture in your relationship to yourself. Do you need more acceptance, compassion or forgiveness? Are there parts of you calling for more loving attention?

Eclipses will bring to light what is hidden in the shadows including the places where we have abandoned ourselves or hold back our love. It is important during this time to acknowledge your fears and pain so that you can fully move forward toward the life you desire.

Use this New Moon Ritual to strengthen your intentions for loving and accepting yourself fully and completely as you plant your dream seeds.

Align with Love: Dance Ritual

Time: 30-40 minutes  |  Items Needed:  Speaker/Headphones, Journal & Pen

1. Settle in. Find a distraction-free zone. Take 5 minutes to center yourself, let go of your day, and enter the present moment. Connect with your breath.

2. Reflect. Reflect on what emotions need to MOVE. Create the space and shapes to honor all that you are feeling as you make room for what you desire to feel in your Temple Body for this next moon cycle.

3. DANCE. Use the New Moon/Eclipse playlist I created to DANCE from a place of zero judgment. Allow yourself to express your feelings through movement, and let your movement be a prayer for the dreams you are ready to bring forth.

4. Feel. Take 5 minutes to sit or lay down with your hands resting on your body wherever they feel most welcome. BREATHE and FEEL.

5. Write. When you’re ready, take 5 minutes to free write a stream of what feels alive for you from the dance. The Eclipse may bring fears or negative self talk into your energy. If this is present for you, acknowledge it. Thank your fears or doubts for once serving you, and then CLEAR them by writing from the TRUTH of your power.

6. Create Your Intention. Now that you’ve tuned into your authentic truth, write down THREE EMOTIONS that you want to FEEL in this next moon cycle. Share them in our Facebook Group if you feel inspired!


If you are on Spotify, you can listen to the playlist directly HERE.

 Or if you use a different streaming service, you can type in the following 4 titles… it’s easy! 


– Embodiment Journey –

“Embodying Self Love”

lesson 3 


This 15-minute Self-Love Embodiment Practice will support you turning within and aligning to love. Connect with your Temple Body and experience the calmness of being in your own presence. Regulate your nervous system and find ways of moving and speaking lovingly to yourself.

Mantra: “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.”

Please share in the Facebook Group the gem you received from this practice.

– audio meditation –


lesson 4


11 Minute Guided Practice of Self-Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness

Starting with YOURSELF and where YOU are right now is so important. As we continue with this month’s theme of Self-Love, I thought I’d share a powerful practice of forgiveness and acceptance.

Listen to the soothing tropical rains of Costa Rica, as I play the crystal singing bowls and guide you through a Self-love practice of forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. Listen to your body and your inner child for how you can love yourself more in this moment as you speak these words aloud:

“I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

If you wish, you can also practice Ho’oponopono while eye gazing with yourself in the mirror.



Take 10 minutes to journal on the feelings that arose for you after this practice.

Where are you being called to extend forgiveness and acceptance to yourself and others?

How can you meet yourself where you are at now?



– Self-Love Full Moon Call –

“Led By Temple Body Ambassador Nicole Pemberton” 

lesson 5

Tune into this Self-Love Full Moon Gathering call replay to receive a guided Embodiment Journey into Self-Love.

Use the timestamps below to dive in! 

0:14 – Embodiment Journey 

47:57 – Nicole Speaks Into Her Journey with Self-Love 

52:13 – Sister Shares

1:06:22 – Closing


Check out Nicole’s playlist HERE!

– full moon ritual for self-love –


lesson 6


– Release patterns of self-destructive thinking

– Find new ways to love yourself more deeply

– Release the tendency for comfort over expansion

 Clearing Your Blocks to Self-Love: Ritual

Time: 20-30 minutes  |  Items Needed:  Candle, Plate, Journal & Pen

Find a distraction-free zone. Take 5 minutes to center yourself, let go of your day, and enter the present moment. Connect with your breath.

Reflect on the woman, goddess, and divine spirit you KNOW you are. Invite yourself to witness the ways you do NOT show up for yourself fully. Without judgment, feel into the habitual tendencies that don’t support you, the ways you keep yourself small, and how you might be choosing comfort over expansion.

When you’re ready, take 5 minutes to write freely a stream of what you are ready to release.

Once your writing is complete, find a way to BURN the paperyou can even use a candle on a plate! If you’re in a safe space or can get outside, allow yourself to make some noise. Use your voice to access emotion that may be hiding within.

Now that you’ve cleared space for your fullness, your truth, and your divine essence, listen to how you’re being called to show up and find ways to love yourself deeper. What actions can you take to prove to yourself your own love?


– Video Transmission –


lesson 7 


This week, I am offering you a Sacred Permission Slip to listen to your body, your needs and desires.

I created this week’s video as a model and invitation for you to go deep and get honest about the ways you can listen, nourish, and schedule in time for your self care.

Remember sister, self care looks different for ALL of us.

I encourage you to really LISTEN to what YOUR body needs and to how you can show up for yourself more.



– Make a list of things that NOURISH your Temple Body. Keep the list somewhere visible so that in vulnerable moments, you can choose nourishment over comfort.

– SCHEDULE in at least one Self-Love Session per day. Block out time in your calendar to do something good for yourself.

– LISTEN when you are unsure. Take a few extra moments and breaths to listen and feel into your body. Follow what is in highest alignment with your heart and your Temple Body.

Share in our Facebook Group “What is one thing you are committed to doing this week for your Self Care?”