When you reclaim your sovereign power you embody your worthiness. You learn to fully trust your inner compass and the path you are set upon.

You understand what it feels like to show up for yourself daily and recommit to choosing yourself with the daily practices and actions that align you with the divine within.

Embodying your sovereignty requires you to look at all parts of your life: your relationships, finances, sexuality, businesses/work, and your leadership, and ask yourself where you are not fully showing up claiming your true worth and your sovereign power.

This month in the RADIANCE Sisterhood will be a devotion to exploring what it feels like to choose yourself, to claim your inner authority, and to embody your SOVEREIGNTY.

Sovereignty SCHEDULE

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December 4

Lesson 1

“Claim Your Inner Authority”
New Moon Ritual

December 6

Lesson 2

“Receive Your Divine Inheritance”
Embodiment Journey

December 13

Lesson 3

“Reclaim Your Sovereignty”

Timeline Practice

December 18

Lesson 4

“Declare Your Sovereignty”
Full Moon Ritual

December 20

Lesson 5

“Anchor Into Your Sovereignty”

Transmission & Timeline Practice

December 22

Lesson 6

Live Call & Sister Sharing Circle with Sofiah Thom
12:00 – 1:30 pm PST

“Claim Your Throne”


Sovereignty Practices

 – new moon ritual –


lesson 1

To fully live in sovereignty, you have to claim your inner authority!

When you seek answers and guidance from outside yourself, when you allow other’s ideas, beliefs, and opinions to inform your actions, you are handing over your sovereignty. You are overriding your own inner authority and creating a life that is not sourced from within your own inner knowing.

It is this disconnection from your own inner authority that can cause you to feel frustrated, trapped, and even powerless in your life. We all have all experienced moments like these, and we all have the power to choose to claim our inner authority once again and live a life sourced deeply from within.

It takes courage to claim our inner authority and live by it. For this new moon ritual, you will harness the power of new beginnings to claim your inner authority in your life.

Photo by Melissa Robin


1. Claim your space. Settle into a place where there are no distractions. Create a sovereignty altar for yourself that fully reflects your inner authority. Place items on this altar that remind you of your sovereignty and your power to choose yourself.

2. Claim your Temple Body. As you begin to settle, bring yourself fully into the present moment. Become aware of your Temple Body, feeling the air around you and the space between breaths. Consciously call all parts of yourself home. As you breathe in, visualize all parts of yourself returning to sovereign wholeness. As you exhale, release all external energies, and all that does not belong to you. You are safe to reside in your sovereign power here.

3. Connect with your Inner Authority. Now within this sovereign inner and outer space you have created, open your inner ears and listen for the guidance of your inner authority. Use the following prompts to write in your journal a stream of consciousness. Allow your inner authority to speak freely.

Where have I been handing over my sovereignty, and what do I need to do to begin to reclaim it?

Are there any relationships, behaviors, thoughts, or actions where I consistently give my power, authority, and sovereignty away?

Where in my life am I being called to claim my inner authority at this time?

What does it look and feel like to move through life with embodied confidence and connection to my inner authority?

What do I stand for in my life?

4. Claim Your Inner Authority. With all that was revealed to you from following the prompts above, declare your intentions for how you will claim your inner authority and lead your life sourced from within. Write them down and place them on your altar. Make a pact with yourself through this next lunar cycle to live in integrity with your inner authority.

5. Let your Inner Authority speak. Our words have tremendous power when spoken aloud. Speak your intentions and what you are claiming in this new cycle.

“I now claim…”

6. Close with an offering of gratitude. Give thanks for the courage to choose yourself and claim your inner authority. Feel into this sovereign space you created, aligning every cell of your body with this frequency so that you may always remember you are already sovereign and whole.

– embodiment journey –


lesson 2

It is time to choose yourself and your SOVEREIGNTY.

Throughout this month devoted to sovereignty, you will be guided to call all parts of yourself home. To reclaim what has been lost and open to receive your divine inheritance.

Each of us inherits many qualities, attributes, beliefs, and stories from our lineage. Your DIVINE INHERITANCE arises from the recognition that your essence is divine, pure consciousness. That you are both divine and human in your Temple Body. That you are already whole and sovereign.

To fully embody your sovereignty and receive your divine inheritance, you are asked to look within and recognize your inner authority beyond all beliefs and stories. You are asked to no longer allow any external forces to sway you from what you know to be true for you.

Your presence is being requested NOW on the path of choosing yourself and your sovereignty. You already know the next steps. Now you must TRUST yourself fully to receive your divine inheritance and claim dominion over all aspects of your life.

For your first practice this month, I created this “Receive Your Divine Inheritance” Embodiment Dance Journey to support you in calling yourself home to your Temple Body and opening to receive the sovereign guidance of your inner knowing.


1. Call all parts of yourself home. As you begin this journey, consciously focus on calling all parts of yourself home. Where are you needing to call back your energy and presence to this moment?

2. Choose Yourself. Sovereignty at its core is an act of choosing yourself. Throughout this entire month, I offer you the following daily invitation to support you in recognizing where, when, and how you are choosing yourself each day. You can use your journal or another system to track the ways that you are showing up and choosing yourself.

“How will I choose myself today?”

3. Turn inward and listen. It is easy to be swayed by others or to look outside of ourselves in search of validation, love, and acceptance. However, to live a life sovereign and whole, you must turn inward and listen to how you are being guided to show up in your life.

4. Align with your Inner Authority. As you turn inward and move during this practice, notice where in your Temple Body you most easily connect with your Inner Authority. Begin to dance with it and let yourself be fully guided into movement from there. Let a sense of trust form between you and your inner authority as you surrender to receive your divine inheritance.

5. Receive Your Divine Inheritance. Trust your path and receive that which is destined for you. Open your crown as you dance with your inner authority and let divine inspiration guide you. You are free to claim what is rightfully yours and to live in the remembrance that you are already whole!

– Timeline Practice –

“Reclaim Your Sovereignty”

lesson 3

It’s never too late to choose yourself.

For those of you who joined us for the LIVE call last week, you had the opportunity to reframe a disempowering story or belief in your Starpod and reclaim yourself as a sovereign creator. Through this practice, you became aware of how vital it is to recognize that you have the ability to take back your power and choose yourself in every moment.

The “Reclaim Your Sovereignty” Timeline practice I created for you this week will continue to support you in moving from victim to creator of your life. When you choose to see that life is happening “for you” instead of “to you,” a shift automatically happens to align you with the frequency of the creator and sets you on the path of claiming your sovereignty.

Ultimately claiming your sovereignty comes down to how you choose to respond. Response-ability is the ability to respond to whatever is arising and recognize you have the choice to do so from an empowered perspective. That you always have the opportunity to choose yourself and take control of your life. You can even do this with situations from the past to reclaim your sovereignty and weave a new and empowered timeline.

Use the practice below to “Reclaim Your Sovereignty” and take your power back. This is your opportunity to choose yourself and respond as the sovereign creator of your life in the past, present, and future.

1. Reflect. Choose five moments in your life where you gave your power away, where you chose someone else’s path or lived for someone else. Use the attached Timeline PDF to write down and reflect on these moments.

2. Rewrite. Choose one moment from your timeline to rewrite the experience from an empowered lens. Go into the details of this moment. Look at where and how you gave your power and sovereignty away. Consciously rewrite the story reclaiming your sovereignty through the words, thoughts, and actions you are taking in this new timeline.

3. Move from victim to creator. As you rewrite this story, make note of how you are taking control of your life as a sovereign creator in this new version of your story. What has shifted in your response-ability to support you in taking your power back? How will you integrate these new choices and awareness into your day to day to live as the sovereign creator of your life moving forward?

4. Become the witness. Moving forward in your day to day, start to witness your own language and actions. Notice any moments where you still affirm victim consciousness by the way you speak or how you respond. Become aware in every moment recognizing the opportunity you hold to respond in new and empowered ways. Choose language, thoughts and actions which affirm your sovereignty and creator energy.

– full moon ritual for Sovereignty-


lesson 4

It is time to give the primal sensual goddess within permission to express her wild self. Awaken your senses and activate your full presence as you invite pleasure into your day to day. 

Sister, you get to define pleasure on your terms. Where this ritual takes you is completely your choice. I invite you stay curious and see what comes alive in your Temple Body.


– Come into the present moment when you feel overwhelmed or ungrounded

– Feel GOOD in your body

– Find more delight in your day-to-day

Awaken Your Senses: Ritual

Time: 20-30 minutes  |  Items Needed:  A Comfortable Space,  Journal & Pen

1. Create Sacred Space. Settle in to a space that is pleasing to your senses and makes you feel comfortable and safe arousing your senses. Keep your journal and pen nearby. Take a few deep breaths to ground and bring your full presence to the present moment.

2. Set Your Intention. Invite yourself to let go of pressure or embarrassment. Let your primal sensual self be present, and assure her she will be held during this experience.

3. Awaken the Senses. Using the invitations below, start a dialogue with each of the each of your five senses. As you awaken each of the senses, pay attention to how they feel, what they have to say, and how they want to express. Allow yourself to find pleasure in the feelings, imagery, and visions they evoke.

Sight : Let your eyes drift around the space you are in while taking in every little detail; the colors, the textures. Notice where your gaze stops and finds beauty in your surroundings.

What do you SEE when your gaze is focused on the beauty in life?

What sights turn you on? Write them down.

Hearing : Now, expand your sense of hearing. Notice the sounds of the room you are in. Then, expand the reach of your hearing to the sounds that may be present outside your room. Bring your attention back to the sound of your breath.

What do you HEAR when you listen deeply within and without?

What sounds turn you on? Write them down.

Taste : Next, imagine the taste of your favorite sensual delight. Chocolate melting in your mouth or maybe sweet strawberries on your tongue. Feel your mouth water in delight as you fully experience their flavor.

What does pleasure taste like?

What tastes turn you on? Write them down.

Smell : Next, imagine your favorite scents. Imagine breathing each one fully into your body and awareness.

What aspects of your primal sensual self does this scent bring alive?

What smells turn you on? Write them down.

Touch : Lastly begin to gently caress your body. Touching yourself as tenderly and with as much presence as you would your give to your beloved. Let the energy of your touch pulsate through your entire being. 

How does it feel to give yourself the gift of touch?

What touches/textures turn you on? Write them down.

4. Invoke your wild self. Declare the awakening of your full sensual self. Create and invocation you can use throughout your day to give permission for your wild, sensual self to guide you into creating with pleasure.

“I say YES to my wild sensual self.”

5. Reclaim Your Pleasure. Read all of the pleasurable things you’ve written down in your journal. Notice how much love and pleasure is available to you in your every day simply by awakening the senses.

6. Share your Pleasure. Before you close, take a photo of yourself in your pleasure. Use this image to remember your primal sensual self this month. Give yourself permission to share your photo in the FB group, with the simple text: “I say YES to my wild sensual self”.

7. Offer Gratitude. Close the ritual by offering gratitude to your senses and all that they allow you to perceive in the world. Thank your sensual wild self for awakening you to more pleasure. Continue to nurture and connect with your senses during this next moon cycle, paying attention to the pleasure it brings into your life.

– Transmission & Timeline Practice –

“Anchor Into Your Sovereignty” 

lesson 5


You can trust yourself.

You can trust your knowing.

You can trust your Temple Body.

You are powerful beyond measure.

As we close this month of claiming our SOVEREIGNTY and calling all parts of ourselves home, we now remember what it feels like to fully trust ourselves. To honor our knowing and to claim the throne as the sovereign creators of our lives.

You are already whole.

Anchor in to your sovereignty.

Honor the truth of your being.

For our final practice this month, I created a sound transmission to “Anchor In To your Sovereignty.” Use this sound transmission to guide you in creating a mantra that will anchor you in the remembrance of your power to create the life you desire in every moment.

Vision yourself as the sovereign creator that you are.

What do you desire to create with this one precious life?

1. Claim your throne. Ground yourself through your lotus flower yoni portal as you connect with Mama Gaia. Draw her energy up as you open your channel. Become the bridge between heaven and earth.

2. Honor your desires. As this sound fills your being, call all parts of yourself home to your Temple Body. Align yourself with the frequency of your sovereign creative power. Grab your journal and write out your highest desires as a sovereign creator.

3. Create a mantra to align yourself with your highest desires as a sovereign creator.  Looking at what you wrote, create a mantra that will support you in anchoring in to your sovereignty. Find the words and sounds that carry the frequency of your sovereign creator. Here is an example of mine. 

“I am rooted. I belong here. I am whole. I am home in my Temple Body. I have the power to choose, to respond, and to take action aligned with my highest desires in every moment.”

4. Speak your mantra. Every moment we are speaking spells. Our words are the frequency of creation. Sound carries intention, so infuse your mantra with the frequency of your desire as a sovereign creator by speaking it out loud. Allow it to anchor and align you with your sovereignty. 


5. Record a video speaking your mantra. If you feel called to anchor in even more deeply and be witnessed in your sovereignty, create a video expressing your mantra and share it in the Facebook Group. It is incredibly powerful to be witnessed in our desires.

Allow your Sisters to support you in taking your throne as the sovereign creator of your life. 

– Live Call Replay –

“Claim Your Throne”

lesson 6

Sisters, I honor each of you for saying Yes to your Radiance. It is time for us as women to finally come into our sovereignty around money, value, and energy.

Tune into this replay to receive a guided money-visioning transmission on financial sovereignty and hear your sisters’ transformations and celebrations.

I believe that inspiration is the highest form of living. In this call, I bring on a few of the incredibly inspiring women from my Embodied Feminine Leadership Path to share their stories so that you can be inspired and feel into how you are ready to liberate yourself and step forward courageously in your sovereignty.

0:06 Welcome and dancing

11:43 Speaking into what’s alive. Sisters share on what is the biggest gateway they have moved through and celebrating the shifts that have happened within each of us

23:38 Speaking on financial sovereignty and knowing your value

26:50 Guided visioning transmission on financial sovereignty and money as your lover

0:42:52 Sofiah shares about trust and stretching with her visioning

0:49:40 Sharing about temple doors opening for the 2022 Leadership Path, Radiance closing, ceremonies coming up on Activating your Purpose, Pleasure, and Prosperity

0:55:59 Leadership Path sisters come on to share how they have transformed and come into their full Sovereign creative power.

1:28:03 Closing