Womb Wisdom

This month, we will embark on a journey with our womb. We will devote each week to one of the four phases and archetypes of our feminine cycle. You will be guided throughout this journey to open to the wisdom and power of your womb.

We all have the energetic blueprint of a womb, whether we have a physical womb or not. Each of us has been birthed from the womb of creation, ripe, and full of creative power.

Womb Wisdom SCHEDULE

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October 4

Lesson 1

Sacred Dreamer Dance Video + Womb Journal
Dance Journey and Womb Journal

October 5

Live Call & Sister Sharing Circle with Sofiah Thom

12:00 – 1:15 pm PST

“Harness Your Womb Superpowers”

October 6

Lesson 2 

“Harness Your Womb Superpowers”

Live Call Replay

October 6

Lesson 3

“Love Letter to my Womb”

New Moon Ritual

October 11

Lesson 4

Graceful Warrior Transmission + Graceful Warrior Womb Journal
Video Transmission + Womb Journal

October 18

Lesson 5

“What is my Womb Truth?” + Mother Lover Womb Journal

Meditation + Womb Journal

October 20

Lesson 6

“The Mother Lover
Full Moon Ritual

October 25

Lesson 7

Wild Woman Expressive Dance + Wild Woman Womb Journal

Self-Guided Wild Woman Playlist & Ritual + Womb Journal

October 27

Lesson 8

Womb Wisdom Guest Call with Sabrina Vedete

12:00PM – 1:00PM PST

October 28

Lesson 8

Womb Wisdom Guest Call with Sabrina Vedete

Guest Call Replay


Womb Wisdom Practices

 – Sacred Dreamer Dance Video –


Lesson 1A

Thirty-minute guided dance journey. Dance your dream seeds in this Sacred Dreamer Dance embodiment practice.

– Sacred Dreamer Womb Journal –


lesson 1B

As our Womb Wisdom journey continues, we turn inward this week to connect with the Sacred Dreamer.

The Sacred Dreamer Archetype calls us into the deepest kind of listening. It is a time for tuning in to our dreams and desires and aligning with our truth.

As women, we must learn to invite stillness into our lives to discern what is true for us. We must give ourselves space to listen and to rewrite the stories of shame that we may be holding in our womb which prevents us from activating our infinite potential.

This week’s Womb Journal is all about turning inward and aligning ourselves with our dreams and desires.

– Live Call Replay –

“Harness Your Womb Superpowers”

lesson 2

Tune into the replay to receive a dance journey with the 4 lunar archetypes. Explore and embody all of different aspects of the archetypes as you weave with the wisdom that syncs us up with the moon.

0:03 Welcome and speaking into what’s alive

3:12 Guided meditation and dance journey

52:06 Journaling and speaking into the shadow aspects of the lunar archetypes

58:33 Breakout Rooms

59:43 Sister shares

1:07:47 Sofiah shares and closing

– New Moon Ritual for Womb Wisdom-

“A Love Letter to my Womb” 

lesson 3

You are a keeper of powerful wisdom. When you take time to listen to your womb and align yourself with your natural cycle, you can access your innate wisdom in deeper ways – allowing your wisdom to support you in stepping into your full RADIANCE.

I invite you to reflect…

What has been revealed to you this month as you listened to the wisdom of your womb?

For our final practice on this journey, I invite you to write a love letter to your womb. Meet your womb as your inner beloved, offering gratitude, and thanks to her for all the wisdom and guidance she provides. I am sharing my own love letter to my womb with you below. Let my expression of love for my womb inspire you to express your love to your womb in whatever way feels aligned with your truth in this present moment.


Thank you for all the ways that you show up for me and offer these beautiful gifts of wisdom.

I love how you desire to connect with others. How you offer your presence, love, and radiance in the fullness of who you are.

I love it when you send tingles through my whole body, turning me on, getting me excited, wet, and juicy.

When I’m with you,

I feel my vitality,

I feel my strength,

I feel my authenticity.

I love the wisdom that you bring. To know when to turn within to slow down and pause. I remember the discernment you offer me through how I feel, teaching me to trust my innate wisdom and know when something is not aligned with who I truly am.

When I truly listen to you, I have all the answers within me. I know when to pull out my sword and speak my truth. I know when to create boundaries. I know when to take time for myself to let out my roars and screams. I know when to honor all parts of myself.

Thank you for the magic that you hold and the pathways to connect with all of creation that you offer. When I am fully present with you, I feel connected to my infinite potential. I believe I can do anything and embody anything. I feel free to permit myself to be exactly who I was born to be and birth what I am here to birth.

Thank you for your fertility. For your capacity to conceive an idea or project and give it form. Thank you for your unstoppable creative power.

I can feel all that desires to continue to birth through you as me.

I am deep in reverence for the ancestral codes of creation that you hold.

Thank you for always reminding me to listen to you.

I am forever with you.

My inner beloved.

My womb of creation.




Write Your Own Love Letter to Your Womb

To deepen your dive into the Womb Wisdom, evoke the archetype of the current phase you are in in your own cycle (Sacred Dreamer, Graceful Warrior, Mother/Lover, Wild Woman/Wise Woman) with this ritual invocation.

1. Set aside 30–45 minutes this weekend for a New Moon Ritual

2. Create an altar with your favorite items and smudge your space with sage or palo santo.

3. Call in your guides and guardians and draw upon your ancestors, especially your mother line.

4. State out loud your desire to activate and initiate the Sacred Moon Archetype within. Ask her to visit you and reveal Herself to you.

5. Meditate or visualize her as she makes herself known to you or choose one symbol, animal, or image related to this archetype and contemplate its nature and meaning. (Remember, there is no ‘right’ answer….This is to build the skill of your own intuition.)

6. Take a few minutes to meditate, drop-in deeper, and tune into your womb wisdom. Listen and feel the amplification of love and gratitude to your Womb.

7. Write a love letter to your Womb, listening and allowing for stream-of-consciousness to take over your writing.

8. When you feel complete, sit quietly in gratitude, close the circle.

9. Give thanks to yourself and your Womb and offer this work to the highest good and healing of all beings.

10. Share at least 1–2 insights in the Radiance sisterhood.

11. Place your letter on your altar and return to it from time to time.

 – video transmission –


Lesson 4A

Tune in to this recorded transmission for guidance on embodying the Graceful Warrior and using your sword of discernment to claim your space as your authentic radiant self.


1. Listen Deeply. Continue to drop in and listen to your womb as the Graceful Warrior calls to you. Recall the dreams and desires that came through the time of the Sacred Dreamer and listen to what is both ready and necessary to clear to fully align with your highest YES.

2. Honor Yourself. To keep your inner Radiance brightly lit, you must use your sword of discernment to support you in staying true to your highest YES. Practice using your sword of discernment by honoring your sacred YES and sacred NO as you cut away all that no longer serves.

3. Speak Your Truth. Let the Graceful Warrior guide you in speaking your truth. Keep your inner flame lit by asking for what you need and clearly stating what you stand for.

4. Take Aligned Action. Stake your claim by taking aligned action toward your dreams and desires. Ask to be shown what steps you need to take to create the life of your dreams. Remember to stay tuned in to pleasure, ease, and gratitude as you move into action with the Graceful Warrior.

– Graceful Warrior Womb Journal –


lesson 4B

For our final stop on the Womb Wisdom journey, we step into the Graceful Warrior!

The Graceful Warrior Archetype calls us into taking action that is aligned with our highest YES! As we emerge from the stillness of our Sacred Dreamer with clarity on our deepest dreams and desires, we are ready to take aim and carve out the space necessary to live the life of our dreams.

As the Graceful Warrior, you have the power of discernment to help keep your inner RADIANCE burning bright. To aid you in stepping into your authority and cutting away all that does not serve so you can create a life that truly supports you in your full authentic expression.

This week’s Womb Journal is all about harnessing the power of your discernment and taking aligned action toward the life of your dreams.
PLUS tune into the recorded transmission below for guidance on embodying the Graceful Warrior and using your sword of discernment to claim your space as your authentic, radiant self.

Feel the fire of the Graceful Warrior and use it to spring into action!

 – meditation & blessing for womb wisdom –


Lesson 5A

Radiance Sister,

This month is all about connecting to the power, mystery, and magic of your…

Your womb holds all the lessons, initiations, agreements, and desires that belong to you, as well as the ancestral lineage passed down to you.

When you open a dialog with your womb, you can connect to the wisdom held within these experiences and situations. By listening deeply to your Womb Truth, you create the opportunity to rewrite the past as you open to the intelligence living within your womb.  

For this week’s Womb Wisdom Practice, I invite you to root down and connect to your Womb Truth in this guided meditation.


1. Tune into this 8-minute guided meditation to connect with your womb truth. Use this meditation as a part of your practice this month to root down and connect with your Womb Wisdom as you work with the daily Moon Journal.

2. Call all parts of yourself home. As you begin to work with your womb wisdom, it is essential to consciously root down and call all of yourself home to your Temple Body. It is through our full presence that we can receive the wisdom of our womb.

3. Feel into your womb. Allow yourself to FEEL all the initiations, the lovers, the agreements, the desires, and the ancestral lineage held within your womb. As you feel into these experiences and situations, open your moon journal to the Womb Truth Meditation Reflections page and reflect on…
“What lessons and gifts need to be integrated?” 
“What is wanting to be expressed?”

4. Listen to your womb. As you journey through the wisdom of your womb, recognize that everything you have moved through has shaped you into the beautiful RADIANT woman you are. Continue your reflections as you listen deeply and respond to the question in a stream of consciousness…
“What is my womb truth?”

5. Connect with unconditional love. Be held by the unconditional love of the mother throughout this entire month’s practices. No matter what arises from within the wisdom of your womb, offer unconditional love and acceptance to yourself and all you have moved through.

6. Share in RADIANCE Sisterhood. Tune into the Sisterhood and share reflections and what is ready to be created, birthed, and expressed through you at this time. Connect with other sisters to support one another in speaking your Womb Truth. 


This meditation came through to be a powerful ally for you throughout this entire journey. I am looking forward to hearing all you discover as you root down and connect with your Womb Wisdom.

With love!

– Mother Lover Womb Journal –


lesson 5B

To track the journey of our wombs, we will use a dedicated Radiance Womb Journal. This journal contains the Temple Body Arts Moon Compass, which details the feminine archetypes and how they align with our lunar cycles. Each week, we will send you a new Womb Journal for the week ahead!

In this week’s Womb Journal, you will find an overview of the Mother/Lover archetype.
Read through this description to align your womb with the frequency of this archetype before you begin the Full Moon Ritual. This will help guide you in connecting more deeply with the energy of this archetype.

– full moon ritual for womb wisdom –


lesson 6

To begin our Womb Wisdom journey, we will connect with the Temple Body Art’s lunar archetype known as the Mother/Lover.

In this Full Moon Ritual, you will be guided to fill your cup, make love to life, and become magnetic in your RADIANCE through the Mother/Lover Archetype.

Mother/Lover: Full Moon Ritual

Time: 20-30 minutes  |  Items NeededA Comfortable Space, Womb Journal & Pen

1. Create a womb altar + sacred space. To begin this journey, take a moment to create a womb altar + sacred space that you can regularly return to throughout this month. It can be as simple a single candle you light each time you begin your womb wisdom work or a unique altar you create just for these practices.

2. Tune in to the frequency of the Mother/Lover. Now that you have read a bit about the Mother/Lover take a moment to settle in and connect with this archetype’s frequency. Allow yourself to be filled with her ripe, sensual energy in your womb and your Temple Body.

3. Set an intention. The Full Moon is a powerful time to design. As you feel into the frequency of the Mother/Lover archetype and how she aligns with your womb and Temple Body, set your goal for this Womb Wisdom journey. Notice the feeling that your intention evokes within your Temple Body.

4. Drop into your womb. As you breathe deeply, connecting with your intentions, drop into your womb space. Begin a dialog with your womb and ask yourself…

“What is my current relationship with my womb?”
“What is the relationship that I desire to have with my womb?”

5. Celebrate your womb. Fill yourself with the frequency of celebration as you continue the dialog with your womb. Bring your awareness to all that you have already given birth to from your womb of creation. Celebrate all your creations… from your children to projects, visions, and dreams you have brought to life in the world. Make a note to yourself in your womb journal of what you are celebrating.

6. Embrace your Radiant Womb Essence. As you overflow with the energy of celebration in your womb, let this energy now radiate out through your Temple Body. Fill your entire body with the strength of creation present in your womb. Let this light fill you and radiate surrounding you in the essence of your innate creative power.

7. Align with your desires. As you steep in the energy of your womb’s creative power, lean into the deepest of your desires living in your womb space. Ask to be shown what it is that you desire to birth into the world at this time. Ask your womb…
“What is the Mother/Lover living within me ready to birth into the world at this time?”

8. Seal it in with gratitude! After you receive the Mother/Lover guidance, offer gratitude to yourself, your womb, and this archetype. Continue for as long as you desire to dialog with your womb under the power of this Full Moon.
This is just the beginning of what will be a potent month of connecting with your Womb Wisdom! Be sure to be gentle with yourself as you open to receiving the wisdom alive within your womb.

And don’t forget to reach out for support and share your reflections as we journey together!

Sofiah Thom

 – self-guided wild woman playlist & ritual –


Lesson 7A

Radiance Sister,

The Wild Woman Archetype calls us into the deep remembrance of self. She encourages us to connect with our primal nature and allow whatever needs to be expressed… to be expressed.

If we don’t give space for the shadow and unexpressed emotions to move through us, we can create more chaos in our lives. With all that is unfolding in the world around us, it is essential that we give ourselves permission to express the full range of emotions.

The Wild Woman guides us in expressing our authentic truth in this way. Through honoring the totality of who we are and integrating the wisdom held within our wombs, we are able to show up in our full radiance.

Bonus: Wild Woman Dance Suggestions: 

1. Connect in with your womb. Before you begin, take a moment to feel into your womb. Connect with the energy of the Wild Woman and ask to be shown what is ready to be expressed.

2. Put on this playlist and tune in to your authentic expression. As you connect with the Wild Woman through your womb, tune in to the authentic expression that wants to come through. Feel into your own authentic dance. Allow yourself to move from the connection with your raw unrefined primal essence. Let your body move in whatever way it feels drawn to. Try not to censor any of your movements and fully surrender to your authentic expression.

3. Create a dance ritual out in nature. If possible, grab your headphones and head out into nature to dance your Wild Woman. Find a place where you feel safe to fully let go and let yourself be held by Mama Gaia as you drop into your primal nature.

4. Grab your journal. The Wild Woman is also incredibly wise. As you dance your Wild Woman, tune into your womb and LISTEN to what she has to say. Have your journal handy to write down any transmissions that come through.

– wild woman womb journal –


lesson 7B

This week we are going to dance with the raw unrefined power of the
Wild Woman!

This week’s Womb Journal is all about connecting in with, and honoring, your Wild Woman. In addition, I have created a special BONUS playlist to guide you in connecting with the Wild Woman with some dance ritual suggestions. This week is all about learning to face, embrace, and integrate all aspects of your Wild Woman!

– Guest Call Replay –

“Sacred Womb Medicine”

lesson 8

Tune into this call to receive an embodiment transmission, and learn techniques to create a daily yoni ritual to honor and connect with your Sacred Womb Medicine.

0:03 Welcome and cleansing ritual

2:31 Meditation w/ breath work

11:35 Speaking into what’s alive and yoni steaming

28:58 Questions from the chat

46:10 Speaking into yoni gem practices

51:02 Yoni gem practice / meditation and journal

1:15:17 Sister sharing on chat

1:17:44 Closing