Module Four

Daily Practices

Be with the Graceful Warrior each day.


– Make your life a ritual. Upon waking, do what makes you feel powerful and connect with your Sword of Discernment.

– Free write three Morning Pages. Create a morning practice to write, empty the mind and dialogue with different aspects of yourself.

– Complete the Graceful Warrior Video, after reading the workbook.

– Set aside time to connect with your Protection Practice, You can do this each day and/or before you enter situations that seem to drain your energy.

– Adorn yourself as the Graceful Warrior you are, What makes you feel sexy, strong, confident, agile and ready for anything?  Think bold colors with yellow or gold incorporated!

– Connect with the solar plexus chakra. Repeat the mantras for the chakra.

– Notice what arises in your life, your relationships and your dreams.

Answer the Reflection Questions in your journal and share one response in the FB Group.

Foundational Asanas for the Graceful Warrior

If you are new to yoga and asanas, you can watch this short 10 minute video where I break down the postures used in the Graceful Warrior Video below.

Graceful Warrior Video

After reading over the workbook, watch the Graceful Warrior Video.  You are guided to move your body to awaken the Graceful Warrior in a playful way. We will explore connecting with and strengthening your Bamboo Core, your Inner Diamond/Gem and Sword of Discernment. You can follow along, watch for inspiration or create your own Graceful Warrior inspired movement practice to embody the Graceful Warrior.

Module Four Call Recording – February 13

In our Module Four call I guide you into a meditation to connect to your Inner Cross. We discuss how our Staff of Integrity grounds us and the Graceful Warrior’s power of discernment helps to protect our truth and recommit to our power as we navigate through life with more grace.