Module Two – The Sacred Dreamer

Sacred Dreamer Daily Practices

Be with the Sacred Dreamer each day this week.

– Carve out space and time to be in your symbolic womb cave to receive insights.

– Mark Day 1 of your Sacred Dreamer time, the first day of bleeding or the New Moon (if you are not bleeding and following the lunar phases) on your Moon Chart (See Resources Tab).

– Write everyday and track your dreams. Reflect on the questions from the workbook in your journal.

– Connect with this week’s Sacred Dreamer Dance Video a couple of times. After completing the dance, carve out time to paint and/or writeExpress what is alive in your womb space.

– Rewrite your First Blood story.

– Practice the Sacred Dreamer Mantra daily when you want to remember your connection to your blood and the earth.

Every moment is an opportunity to listen to the wisdom of your womb space.

VIDEO: Sacred Dreamer Dance

Drop in and down as your surrender to the flow, feel your connection to your breath, womb and the earth in this fluid rhythmic nurturing dance.

Yoni Egg Awakening for the Sacred Dreamer & New Moon

It is not recommended to use the yoni egg internally until you have finished bleeding. Once you have finished your cycle, working with the egg is a beautiful way to connect with your dreams and build up your sexual creative energy. I recommend jade to build up sexual creative energy after your moontime or any yoni egg of your choice.

~ An Invitation to Connect With Your Blood or Symbolic Blood ~

If you feel inspired to work with your blood during sacred dreamer, connect with your blood, touch it, perhaps even taste it. Anoint your third eye with your blood to open up your insight and visions through your sacred blood, especially before bed. How do you honor your blood and sacred dreamer on your altar? What wants to be expressed from your womb through your blood or symbolic blood? After completing the Sacred Dreamer Dance, you can also paint with your blood or combine red paint, red wine, beet juice, with earth as symbolic blood.

VIDEO: July 31 Sisterhood Call Recording

In this call of Birthing Sexual Sovereignty, we dive deep with the Sacred Dreamer. We discus what it takes to birth beauty into the world and how important it is to carve out time to slow down and go within.