Cycle 1- The Sacred Dreamer Week 1


Tune into your Sacred Dreamer each day this cycle.

– Carve out space and time to be in your symbolic womb cave to receive insights.

– Mark Day 1 of your Sacred Dreamer time, the first day of bleeding, or the New Moon (if you are not bleeding and following the lunar phases) on your Moon Chart (see Resources Tab).

– Write every day and track your dreams. Reflect on the questions from the workbook in your journal.

– Connect with the Sacred Dreamer Dance Video a couple of times this month (especially if you are bleeding).

After completing the dance, carve out time to paint and/or write. Express what is alive in your womb space.

– Practice the Sacred Dreamer Mantra daily when you want to remember your connection to your blood and the earth.

Every moment is an opportunity to listen to the wisdom of your womb space.

WORKBOOK: Sacred Dreamer Archetype

VIDEO: Sacred Dreamer Transmission with Phoenix

BONUS WORKBOOK: White & Red Moon Workbook

VIDEO: Sacred Dreamer Dance

Drop-in and down as your surrender to the flow, feel your connection to your breath, womb, and the earth in this fluid rhythmic nurturing dance.

BONUS INFO: Working with the Yoni Egg and Your Blood

~ Yoni Egg Awakening during Sacred Dreamer Time ~

It is not recommended to use the yoni egg internally until you have finished bleeding. Once you have finished your cycle, working with the egg is a beautiful way to connect with your dreams and build up your sexual creative energy. I recommend jade to build up sexual creative energy after your moontime or any yoni egg of your choice.

~ An Invitation to Connect With Your Blood or Symbolic Blood ~

If you feel inspired to work with your blood during sacred dreamer time, connect with your blood, touch it, perhaps even taste it. Anoint your third eye with your blood to open up your insight and visions through your sacred blood, especially before bed. How do you honor your blood and sacred dreamer on your altar? What wants to be expressed from your womb through your blood or symbolic blood? After completing the Sacred Dreamer Dance, you can also paint with your blood or combine red paint, red wine, beet juice, with earth as symbolic blood.

VIDEO: Call 1 Replay: June 10

In this call we come together to remember, to inspire, and to honor where each of us is on the journey.

I introduce the Sacred Dreamer archetype and the unique power that comes with embodying her essence and allowing yourself the gift to slow down and listen to your soul’s calling.

Cycle 1- The Sacred Dreamer Week 2


  Tune into your Sacred Dreamer each day this cycle.

 – Continue tracking your dreams.

– Carve out 30 minutes to do the guided visualization meditation to meet your future self and journal afterward.

– Take time to do the workbook and answer the reflective questions.

– Create your Full-Body YES Timeline and share in our Facebook Group

– Share your ‘in-progress’ Sacred Why (always evolving) either via video or written inside the Facebook Group.

 Every moment is an opportunity to listen to the wisdom of your womb space.


WORKBOOK: Sacred Why & Unique Gifts 

AUDIO: Future-Self Meditation

Enter the Rose Quartz Crystal Cave and Meet Your Future Self

We recommend wearing headphones or using an external speaker to listen to the meditation.

VIDEO: Call 2 Replay: June 17

Sisters, in this call we connect to the Sacred Dreamer time as a powerful way to know ourselves more deeply and to strengthen our connection with our soul, essence self, and the wisdom of showing up and cultivating our soul’s inner voice. Recognize and claim the power that lives within your blood and womb space and give yourself full permission to explore the blood mysteries, as we listen to how we are being called as modern-day priestesses at this time. Reflect back on your life and the moments when you have had a full-body yes, for these moments will reveal the truth about your dharma and soul path.

Dream and listen, let go of what you think you know and should do, dive into your life’s mission, and all the different aspects of your “Sacred Why”.

VIDEO: New Moon Dance Ritual

Solstice Ritual Dance Journey Starts at Minute 7:40 through 1:27:00

I invite you to slow down, turn your attention inside, listen, and journey, prepare to drop in and go deeper into the feminine while feeling and honoring the masculine.

During this powerful New Moon ~ Eclipse ~ Summer Solstice, I invite you to show up with your Intention, as we dance with the mystery, connecting with a feeling state of what you would like to receive from this journey.

Consciously bring the shadow into the light, as we dive into our womb space, as a Sacred Dreamer and into the Sacred Why, that brings us into full presence.

What are the gifts of your unique medicine?

Let it all be revealed to you through this dance journey.

You are safe to journey to reveal what is ready to be seen and revealed at this time.

Cycle 1- The Sacred Dreamer Week 3


– Continue tracking your dreams.

– Read the workbook before doing the visualization.

– Carve out 30 mins to do the Year 2025 guided visualization to meet your divine clients. Journal on the reflection questions.

– Complete the workbook questions

– Do the practices: Discovering your Divine Client, Your Testimonial letter & Writing Your Letter to the Great Mother/Divine     Creative Spirit.

WORKBOOK: Divine Clients

AUDIO: Year 2025 Divine Clients Visualization

After completing the guided meditation, journal, and reflect on these questions: What reflections did you receive from your divine clients? What gifts are they thanking you for? How did it feel to be in their presence? Did you receive a symbol or word from them which will help you identify when you meet one of your divine clients now? What clues about your soul’s work and unique gifts were revealed through your divine clients?

We recommend wearing headphones or using an external speaker to listen to the meditation.

VIDEO: Call 3: June 24


In this call, Sofiah invites you to go deeper into your Sacred Why and your Unique Gifts, to tune into what is presently alive for you, bringing attention and intention to what you want to create. Experience a guided meditation to reflect on all you have already created in your life, and how everything in your life has molded and shaped who you are and what you have to offer. Go deeper into your Sacred Why – what you stand for and what turns you on. 

Say YES to yourself and exploring sexual sovereignty. Liberate yourself from your old stories, from who you are not.

Create a clear and safe space to be seen in your power, honored in the exchange of magnetizing what you are truly desiring. 

Discover who you are here to serve at this time: your divine clients.