Daily Practices

Be with Saraswati each day.


– Make your life a ritual. Create an altar dedicated to Saraswati, find an object which represents her energy to add to your altar, perhaps include a vessel of water, sound instruments, and creative tools.

– Complete the Saraswati Video and listen to the Saraswati Meditation.

– Complete the practices in the workbook: connect with Expressive Arts, Writing, Your Message, Sound & Voice.

– Upon waking, immediately practice the Mudra Mantra to align your mind, womb, and heart as one open channel for creativity.

– Carry a journal with you and write down any inspired thoughts that come to you throughout the day.

– Spend time in flowing water, if you can. If you don’t live by any bodies of water, make your shower a ritual to connect with the flowing Goddess.

– To go deeper, Read the chapter on Saraswati in Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton.

– Answer the Reflection Questions in your journal and connect with the Sisterhood and Queen’s Chamber.

Share inside our FB group, perhaps it will be your Magnetic Message Video, or dance, song, or piece of writing – creative inspiration flows in many ways!



In this meditation, you are guided to invoke Saraswati through connecting with your breath and voice as you move through the different bjia seed sounds with the chakras. Option to use a Yoni Egg.


Music Tracks – Temple of the Goddess, Sacred Blessing, Cosmic Soul Lotus by Liquid Bloom

Saraswati Video

In this movement video, you are guided to open yourself as a channel and allow divine inspiration to flow through you as Saraswati, the muse. Get ready to play, dance with fabrics, and paint your dream canvas with your dance. Invite your mind to get out of the way, and be open to receive the magic that is available to you in every moment.

You will need a bowl of water to anoint and bless yourself, and fabric or a veil to dance with.


Saraswati Call Recording – May 6

In this powerful call  you are invited to connect and access different archetypal energies to help you navigate through life by listening, trusting, integrating and tuning your body vessel with practices, aligning with your gifts and inspirations to show up as a New paradigm Leader. Tune into practices of getting out of our own way, emptying out, letting go of the plan, surrendering, while continuing to push that edge and step through the threshold, as you show up and become more visible. 

Closing Call Recording – May 13

In this powerful call, we begin by connecting to the frequency of sound, while being guided by Sofiah into reflections with the Goddess Archetypes. You are asked to tune into the feminine power, into your sword of discernment, all the ways you have strengthened your “yes” and “no”, all the moments that you forgot and got distracted, fell off, disconnected and how you can bring in forgiveness to yourself, align with your power, feel into your highest desires and pleasure, into your creative sexual energy, reflect on moments you have felt yourself as a channel through your voice, words, expression, gifts, and how you are showing up in the world.