April Call Replays

Soulpreneur Call

Group Mentorship Call with Anya Devi

April 20, 2022


Use the timestamps below to dive in!

0:19 Welcome

10:52 Sisters share their gifts

1:21:15 Grounding meditation and breathing practice

Soulpreneur Call

Group Mentorship Call with Sofiah Thom

April 13, 2022


Tune into this call with Sofiah to receive a guided dance journey to connect with all you are celebrating and your visions for the next year. Feel the frequency of inspiration as your sisters share their celebrations and visions.

Sofiah shares her own celebrations and visions for Temple Body Arts and new structures for the 2022/2023 Embodied Feminine Leadership Path

1:08 Welcome and dancing

14:16 Journaling: What are you celebrating and visioning for this next year?

21: 27 Sisters share what they are celebrating (5 minutes each)

1:41:05 Sofiah shares what she is celebrating and visioning for herself and Temple Body Arts

1:50:18 Bringing a ritual performance piece in to the live Temple Body Priestess Initiation

1:52:40 Sofiah’s visioning of the Embodied Feminine Leadership Path going forward

1:58:00 Sharing slide about new syllabus and experience

2:07:25 Sofiah speaks into changes and transitions, and next steps to respond and connect

2:11:57 How do we show up to call in divine clients with more ease and sustainability in a new paradigm way?

2:14:20 Closing

Soulpreneur Call

Group Mentorship Call with Melissa Robin

April 6, 2022


Use the timestamps below to dive in!

0:50 Welcome and grounding meditation

6:18 Sister shares on what’s alive

1:05:24 Creating consistency and momentum in your business and structuring your schedule

1:14:53 Tools you can use to track your goals

1:30:30 Diving into sales and customer journey

1:35:54 10 ways to have a great landing page

1:46:56 Website strategy and implementation

1:59:51 Closing

Have a beautiful day!